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Sun? & Post Mom’s Day Wrap Up

Day 2447

Day 2450

I had the best intentions.  The part up to “phone interview at 3pm” is from Friday.  Everything after that is current-ish.  It starts here:

Driving to work this morning I saw the oddest thing hanging in the sky.  This thing made it difficult to see traffic lights when heading east, but the warmth radiating from it made me not mind the temporary blindness.  I know I’ve seen this thing some time in the far distant past, seems like it was in a different country even.  I’m sure that in moderate doses it will do no harm, but I fear I will have to buy something to protect my eyes.  The mole people I am living with will just have to adapt to this new way of life.

Even if it’s only for a few days.  Looks like we get a reprieve for 3 days, then it’s back to more rain for Monday & Tuesday.  Golf got canceled again last night.  The ground is just too soggy to even consider playing.  That’s two weeks straight.  Next Wednesday’s forecast is calling for sun, but that’s 7 days off.  The forecast could change 14 times (at least) by then.

I goofed last night and took my PC home.  I did make use of it in going through my job search emails and getting caught up there, but I now have to pay the price.  I just am not comfortable with the thought of carrying my laptop on my bike.  It’s pretty big as laptops go (17’ monitor), the laptop alone barely fits in my back pack leaving scant room for a change of clothes.  I don’t have a cargo rack and wouldn’t trust a PC on one anyhow.

So taking my laptop home negates any possibility of riding my bike to work.  With todays gorgeous weather, that’s just plain unfortunate.  Forget the fact that it’s only 47 degrees at 9:30am – it isn’t raining!!  I am down to 5 weeks to train for the Tour de Cure and my longest ride this year is a whopping 11 miles and less than 40 minutes long.

Combining my miserable, piss poor work attitude with a need to get some work done in that bathroom, another phone interview scheduled for Friday afternoon (!!!) and an urge to get some biking miles in, I am taking Friday off.

My workout plan is to ride to the gym tonight for a spin class.  Friday morning, while it’s still chilly, I’ll go through my search engine results and get a minimum of 5 applications put in.  Late Friday morning I would dearly love to head out for a 30 – 40 mile ride.  That’s something I can do in under 3 hours and it will go a long ways towards establishing some sort of mileage base.  After the ride I can putz around in the bathroom, maybe put in a wall or something, than I have this phone interview at 3pm

Up to current times now!

What went as I planned?  Very little.  Managed to ride to the gym for spin class.  Friday was a bust.  No bike ride.  Cindy ended up taking the day off too because she has personal time to use up by July or she loses it.  Personally, I think she just wants to keep an eye on me.  I did get a wall put up in the bathroom Friday, and did that phone interview thing.  That turned out to be a recruiter working for a local-ish company.  It was more like a coaching session by the recruiter and less of an interview.  The end result is that I owe the recruiter an edited resume and 3 references on Monday.  And the feces hit the rotating blades on two projects here at work.  I guess current job has to trump future job for now.  After lunch.

Some other things that got accomplished this weekend include getting an old pluming vent moved.  It did NOT go as I planned, and I ended up burning half a day and 45,812 brain cells until I came up with plan “D” that I am now semi-confident will work.  I even have a picture of the plumbing to share:

You see, I had to move that one vent (hi-lited in green) because it was in the way of the future toilet drain.  There’s only 7.5 inches of space to play in vertically and sadly, drains are constrained by the law of gravity.  There is no way to just willy-nilly run them where you have space.

That other big white drain pipe that appears to be suspended in space is now gone too.  Still have to get up on the roof and patch the hole, but the forecast is pretty good for the next few days.  I’ll slap a shingle up there for now and do a formal patch this next weekend.  Maybe.

Heard of a very distressing event over the weekend too.  A bike rider was held up at gunpoint on a section of bike trail (Erie Canal Bike Trail) just south of where I enter the trail (northbound) when I ride to work.  Two guys, one of whom was brandishing a 20 gauge shotgun (think bullet the diameter of a nickel, or worse – birdshot) held up a biker.  The biker gave up what he had and high tailed it back to a main road & contacted a sheriff.  The sheriff’s were able to track down the jerks who pulled off the hold up and arrested their stupid asses (and the rest of them too I assume).

I rode that northern section of canal path this morning and gave every pedestrian (only one this morning) a wide berth.  A lot of people use that path – cyclists, walkers, roller bladers, people walking their dogs, guys out for a little man-on-man action too (kinda creepy, but at least they’re lovers not fighters).  Now we have to worry about idiots trying to rob people at gunpoint?  That’s the downside of having the path so close to the city I guess – it attracts the wrong elements for the same reason it attracts the legitimate users – privacy.

Oh well, I’m not going home that way tonight.  I have to head for the Y and take in spin class.  Or maybe I’ll skip Lori’s class (sucky music) and go for a 90 or 120 minute ride instead.   Hmmmm – get a Payday bar & a bottle of Gatorade and hit the road.  Tempting except for that damn backpack.  Ah, well.  Sucky music it is.



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  1. Hey you! I just noticed “upstate NY” in your tags. I live there too!!! Wanted to let you know I posted your pic today for the MicroFiction Muse. Hope you have a great week! :O)

    May 11, 2011 at 8:56 am

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