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I Forgot How

Day 2441

To bowl, that is. I forgot how to bowl. The score I turned in for the work bowling tournament was the worst score I’ve thrown in 4 or 5 years. The good news is, everybody struggled. The guy that organizes the tournament asked the bowling center to put down the oil pattern that was used for the USBC Open Championship. That’s one of the majors for the pros. I have a new fond respect for just how good those guys are. The margin for error on that kind of oil is near zero. If anyone bowls and wants a description of the pattern, ask. Otherwise I’ll spare y’all the geeky details.

In a totally unexpected turn of events, the defending champion team of the tournament (The Spin Doctors – my own team no less) actually came in 1st place again this year. (What I said about everybody struggling was true!!). For our efforts, we each won $25. I also scored a door prize – a gift card for Olive Garden that would cover a nice lunch. Not bad for investing $15 in the tournament entry fee. Too bad it’s my last one.

Rode the ol’ two wheeler into work this morning. (Yes, I’m taking slight advantage of my shitty attitude and sneaking in an update. What are they gonna do, fire me? Oh, wait. They did.) It was a little cool (42) so I opted for the long spandex pants rather than shorts. Looked like the bass player for Def Leppard I think. And no, there will be no incriminating evidence pictures posted of that scary sight. You’re welcome.

Never the less, it was a nice ride. This afternoon I may try out a free app I downloaded for my crackberry. It ties in with MapMyRide and records your route for you, even tracking elevation changes. Too bad it’s so flat around here. No real challenge for the GPS elevation tracker, or the biker. I’m slipping out of work early today and I have a nice route mapped out for the trip home – around 16.2 miles. Leaving here at noon(ish) I ought to get home before the rain starts.

Then I can spend the afternoon working on the bathroom, prepping for tomorrow’s big day. I need to move the main plumbing vent line so I can get one of the shower walls built. The vent needs to be IN the wall, but it involves cutting a hole in the roof, juggling some drain lines and patching the existing vent opening. Simple stuff, but needs coordination and NO RAIN!!!!

Speaking of rain, we’ve set a record for our area for rain in the month of April. We’re up over 6” now. That’s about twice the monthly average and nearly an inch over the old record. I realize that some places get WAY more rain than that on a regular basis, but here, we’re only used to 3” or so a month. Our ground just can’t hold or drain off that much water.

I do have an alternate excuse for bowling so poorly yesterday. As we were getting started, I get a text message with an attachment. Because the bowling center was actually in the basement of a plaza, the cell signal was kinda weak and I couldn’t download the attachment right away. I spent quite a while trying, then finally during the second game I was able to download this:

Grand-peanut's first photo-op!

THAT is the first grandkids first photo op. I’m told the thing projecting upwards towards the left edge of the image is the umbilical cord, NOT an indicator of gender. Which is just as well really as the kids do not want to know gender ahead of time. You know – prolong the suspense and be surprised, just like in the old days!

Besides, It appears that on my Dad’s side of the family, about 75% of the time a couples first born child is a boy. Like my uncle, like me, like skiddy-eight zillion cousins. Ok – maybe 9 of 13. Yeah, I have 14 pairs of aunts & uncles on my dad’s side. One aunt had no kids, of the rest, I think the first born was a male in 9 of 13 opportunities. (Mark, me, Mike, Gerry, Paul, Bill, Peter, Eric, Donny, ummmm, oh yeah – aunt Peg had no kids either. So it’s 8 of 12 (and I make 9 of 13).

Now. I’m the oldest of my generation. Zach is the oldest of his generation. I’m giving it 3 to 1 odds that this kiddo will be a boy. Cindy? After having two boys of her own, and me coming from a family of all boys, she’s hoping for a girl sooooo hard, she’s going to be crushed when Jill pops out a boy.

Truthfully? I’ll be thrilled either way. It’ll be more of a challenge teaching a girl how to throw properly, but I’ll get her there. As long as I survive the tea parties & playing with dolls.


5 responses

  1. There are still the old wives’ tales I hold true: If mom-to-be has morning sickness, it’s likely a boy. If the baby’s heart rate is over 140, it’s likely a girl. Congrats on the grand-specks first appearance! He or she looks adorable!

    April 30, 2011 at 9:27 am

    • bikinfool

      Morning sickness is starting to subside. That sign says boy. Heart rate is way up there, over 165. Rumor is that means girl. Of course, at 3 months I think ALL fetuses (feti?) are female, until something changes and makes the ovaries descend.

      Still, 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 eyes, working arms & legs – just bring along a healthy baby!

      May 1, 2011 at 11:25 pm

  2. G.G

    Congrats Grandpa!

    April 30, 2011 at 11:50 am

    • bikinfool

      Grandpa just ain’t right. I will be in denial until I get to hold the little bugger.

      May 1, 2011 at 11:26 pm

  3. AC

    What a cute picture!! Looks all nice and snug in there 🙂 How exciting to be your first grand baby 🙂

    May 7, 2011 at 10:47 am

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