Always tweaking something!

Found Them!

Day 2438

Oh, the simple things in life can leave quite a hole when we don’t have them.

All day Monday I made do without my glasses.  I looked (almost) EVERYWHERE, twice,  Monday morning trying to find them.  After making myself 20 minutes late for work (what are they going to do, fire me?  Oh wait, they did!) I decided to suck it up and deal with it.

Day time driving is fine.  I have a little trouble reading street signs, but after al these years, I know the way to work.  True, we’ve only been in this particular building for 7 or 8 years, but we used to have an apartment on the side street at the traffic light the next block up the street from where I turn off for work.  That was nearly 30 years ago, but they don’t shift the roads around too much in these parts.

Anyhow.  I can drive.  I can keep my computer screen at a good focal distance.  If I have to read something, I probably have a soft copy available (data sheets for *&%* USB hubs, CB reports, etc.)  I have trouble reading fine print hard copy and working with circuit boards.  Check this out (Letting my inner geek out):

Source of migraines

This is one of my boards.  That’s the end of a Bic pen in there for reference.  The hole in the end of the pen?  One eigth of an inch.  0.125 inches.  That part that’s circled?  It’s an 0603 sized part.  1/16 of an inch long and I might have to get a test lead on a contact on either end – without contacting a neighboring part.  Oh – and the camera focus?  That’s slightly better than I can see at a reasonable distance.

For a better perspective, I’ll give the board the finger:

Monster finger attacks circuit board!

But I DO have a nice 10x lens to use for personal zooming in.  It only costs me the use of a hand to see.  But with those parts?  I need it glasses or not.

Oh yeah – what was my point?  Glasses.  Didn’t have them yesterday.  Had myself convinced that Cindy picked them up in the morning, so I soldiered on without them.  Got home last night after spin (another subject in and of itself) and went through the whole (almost) house again and still found nothing.  Its amazing how what you’re looking for doesn’t magically appear someplace after the third or fourth time you’ve looked there.

Cindy got back from her meeting.  No glasses.  I even asked nice, blaming myself first.  Still, no luck.  Tried reading a book I’ve been working on (“Against All Things Ending”  book 3 in “The Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever”, overall book 9 of the 10 book series) (sorry, you have to read the first 8 to make ANY sense of the ninth, but I do recommend the series if you like Lord of the Ring style fantasy).  Without my glasses or longer arms, I only got through 3 or 4 pages before the struggle got annoying.

Miraculously, around 11pm I had an inspiration.  Sunday afternoon I got on the desktop PC downstairs so I could print out some stuff.  I ALWAYS take off my glasses when working at the PC (like now even).  Checked the basement and sure enough, there were my glasses, sitting right on the desk next to the monitor.  At least I can see today.

Spin last night.  Lori’s class.  Horrible music (Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, a whole bunch of other shit I don’t even know) with a couple tunes thrown in for the over 45 white crowd (75% of the class).  But thi particular CD had an abomination of a Janis Joplin tune ( Piece of My Heart – remixed for an aerobics class.  Just a travesty!) and some old Kinks tune that might have been the best thing on the CD.  And then there’s Lori’s whole teaching method.  She cheats.  She has no idea what really loading up the resistance is.  Make me wonder if she’s ever ridden a bike outside up a real hill.  The rate she pedals when she’s telling us to increase our resistance to simulate a “large hill”?  No freaking way anybody pedals up hill like that.  She also has some sort of fear of sitting in the saddle.

I go only for the workout.  I listen to the horrible music, set the resistance where I like and ad lib where I need to.  Standing sprint?  Nope.  I’ll sit & sprint.  Back & forth, back & forth between hi & lo resistance 4 times a song?  Nope.  I’ll crank it up & leave it there.

Last night was tough though.  For all the folks doing the Y-athalon we simulated the biking portion of the event.  15 solid minutes of seated grinding at a moderately high resistance about 15 minutes into the class.  That worked up a good solid sweat and was more like real live outdoor riding than anything Lori has done in class.  With a whole lot of climbing type riding afterwards, my glutes were feeling it Tuesday.  I should probably do a better job of stretching them afterwards.  Getting old is not for the weak.

It’s late Tuesday night now.  Cindy’s streak of being into her cups when I get home from my Al Anon meeting is intact.  It’s scary how reliably she takes advantage of a couple hours of “her” time.  It’s a classic example of alcoholism.  But she has it “under control”.  Right.  I have only one course of action.  Every time she wants to have any  interaction and I’m aware that she’s been drinking, I MUST reply with something like “I would rather not do that with someone that’s been drinking”.  If I keep up with stating my decision & reason, maybe it’ll get through.  It’s all I have – my decision to associate with people of my choosing – in this case, the sober ones.  If Cindy can’t get herself in that large, non-exclusive group, it’s her loss.

Someone remind me of that Saturday afternoon, mmkay?  Odds are I’ll spend the day working on the bathroom project.  By 6 I’ll be ready to knock off for the day, but she’ll be 3 hours or more into her medication.  Maybe I should just lose my cool and go off on her.  Hmmmm.


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