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Where Does your Peanut Butter Come From?

Day 2434

I’ll get to the title in a day (or paragraph) or two.  First, there are several items of note to cover.

First – my brother Lefty has been feeling rather ill of late.  For the last 8 – 10 weeks he’s mentioned that he really has trouble breathing.  He can go through the mechanics of breathing ok, it’s just that nothing seems to happen.  Even a mild exertion (like bowling) tired him out more than it should (hence his struggle at bowling the last 2 months of the season)

He has been in to see his GP doc and has gotten referrals to a couple of different specialists.  They’ve done CAT scans, MRI, x-rays, blood tests, pulmonary function tests, blood oxygen tests, pretty much anything they could think of.  X-rays and CAT scans showed “ground glass opacities” in his lungs, but only in the lower ¾ of his lungs.  The very tops were clear.  Mechanically, his lungs are fine.  A prednisone inhaler helps, but surely isn’t the cure.

He had a bronchoscopy Tuesday.  It’s apparently worse than having a colonoscopy.  I can’t say for sure as I’ve never had the broncho-dealie and they knocked my ass out for the colon-dealie.  Anyhow – They’ve ruled out all the big stuff.  No cancer, no Lupus, MS, Emphysema, TB – none of that stuff.  They sucked out a pile of goop while they were in there so they could run some cultures and hopefully find out what’s in there besides air & lungs.  The docs all keep asking him if he’s been around birds.  Apparently there’s this oddball fungal infection you can get from bird droppings.  But Lefty doesn’t even have a dog or cat, much less a pet bird.  And in the north east, in the wintertime you don’t hang out with birds in the great outdoors.

So.  He should hear today on the great creeping crud mystery and maybe get a plan of action for knocking that stuff out.

At least I hope so.  Cuz last week, when his daughter moved into her new-to-her house?  He wasn’t able to help much.  He had a pulse oximeter with him that he was using to track his O2 saturation level.  If he was sitting on a couch, he was ok but not great.  O2 would be around 94 with a pulse in the 80’s.  He would get up, walk out the kitchen with a box and come back.  When he checked his numbers again, his O2 would be in the 80’s and his pulse would jump up into the 90’s.  Because he moved one box about 20 feet.  For a comparison, at one point I sat on the couch with him & we shot the breeze for a few minutes.  He checked his numbers and was at 94/88 (O2/pulse).  After maybe 3 minutes of sitting after moving a mattress & box spring upstairs I was at 98/66.  That’s how plugged up Lefty’s lungs are.  He’s never smoked, is in decent shape and occasionally sits in on a spin class.  But this goo in his lungs is really hammering him.

Enough about Lefty – this IS my blog after all.  So we got Lefty’s daughter moved in.  Felt great to be able to help out.  She’s got herself a nice place just outside Buffalo and she’d done a super job negotiating the price.  She basically talked the owners down about 20% from their initial asking price by waiting them out and having the place inspected & negotiating for repairs.  Savvy girl.  Might have her negotiate for me next time.

Job search is chugging along.  Couple nibbles from head hunters, but everything is in Pennsylvania.  Harrisburg seems to be the next hot spot.  I touched base with the job in Pittsburg again this week.  Sent the interviewer a thank you note for doing the phone interview and reiterated my interest in that position.  Just hoping to make the short list there and get called in for a face to face.

Weather up here has been terrible.  Finally got out on the bike last night just to ride to & from a spin class.  Crazy stuff – 45 degrees and a 18mph head wind on the way to the Y.  Talk about wind chill!  Unfortunately, that’s as good as it’s been lately.  At least it was dry.  Trip home was nice though – 42 degrees and a 15mph tail wind.  Actually made the trip home 1.5 minutes faster, even after a brutal uphill sprint spin class.  The instructor, Maria?  Freakin sadist.  We all love her class though so we must be masochists, eh?

Cindy is off grocery shopping, so I’m stealing a few minutes to check on job searches and get this blurb up.  Better go get cracking on that bathroom!

Oh – about the title.  Found this pic the other day.  Makes me re-think my love for peanut butter:

How can I love peanut butter after seeing this?


2 responses

  1. Hope your brother is feeling better soon! I love the peanut butter pic too! I’ll still eat it….

    April 23, 2011 at 10:22 am

    • bikinfool

      All the big nasties are ruled out. It’s just a matter of figuring out what the heck the infection is.

      I had a peanut butter & honey sammich as a snack last night. Super crunchy PB, clover honey, rye bread. Now I wonder what exactly the chunks are . . .

      April 24, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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