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A meme is worth One Word

Day 2426

One Word answers ONLY……

1) Where is your cell phone? pocket (It’s on vibrate. CALL ME!!!)
2) Your hair? thinning
3) Your mother? Jehovah
4) Your father? missed
5) Your favorite thing? competition
6) Your dream last night? moving
7) Your favorite drink? Milk (or porter)
8) Your dream / goal? happiness
9) What room are you in? cubicle
10) Your hobby? biking
11) Your biggest fear? failure
12)Where were you last night? YMCA
13) Something that you’re not? Type A
14) Muffins? cornbread
15) Wish list item? job
16) Last thing you did? lunch
17) What are you wearing? polo
18) Friends? real
19) Your mood? frazzled
20) Drinking? Milk
21) Your car? truck
22) Something you’re not wearing? spandex
23) Your favorite home goods store? HD
24) Your Favorite Color? Auburn
25) Your favorite place to eat? home
26) Favorite place I would like to be right now? Nawlins

Man, some of those feel like they need explaining, like #3. My mom is a Jehovah’s Witness, not that she IS Jehovah. Cuz that would make me Jesus or something and we know THAT isn’t true!! Considering my strong agnosticism, her being in that cult of Jehoovers Witlesses can create some interesting situations.

#1 – seriously? I’ll pass out my number only if you PROMISE to not be a stalker.

#2 – hair – could have been graying, thinning, too damn long,

#10 – I only mentioned biking because I biked in to work this morning. 8.23 miles in 27:28. I had to dismount and move parts of a downed poplar tree off the canal path at one point. Does that make me a logger too?

#15 – Yeah, I’m wishing for a job. I have a phone interview tonight for a position as a Radiology Engineer in Pittsburgh, another one tomorrow for an SMT Manufacturing Engineer position in Harrisburg and a real live in person interview next week in a town about an hour away for another Manuf. Engr. position. Wish something closer would turn up. Maybe it will after I get all my practice interviews in.

#20 – Had milk for lunch. A nice glass of cold, cold, cold skim milk is my preferred drink at almost every meal. And I’m STILL deficient in vitamin D, even with drinking nearly 2 gallons of milk a week.

#22 – Check me out around 4:30 though. I’ll be sporting a lovely pair of spandex biking pants. They make my thighs look muscular. No – I’m not going to post a picture. But on 38 degree mornings they make a huge difference in comfort – like my quads don’t have hypothermia.

#25 – Eating at home is economical, cooking is somewhat of a hobby and oftentimes what is cooked at home is better nutritionally than a lot of restaurant fare. (Sodium & saturated fats – I’m looking at you!)

This phone interview tonight is going to be interesting. It’s going to be a test of wills too. Cindy is anxious about it and wants to do nothing but talk about it. I’m anxious about it and want to have no part in talking about it anymore. Cindy & I did talk about it, discussed potential questions, potential answers, potential concerns. I talked about it with Janine too covering much the same ground. Now, I want to retreat and review things in my head. Quietly. I will be glad to listen to new material, but I detest hashing the same shit over and over. Cindy loves to go over the same ground repeatedly. After the 85 repetition I’ll finally change my answer to see if she’s paying attention. Often? She’s not.

What else? Hmmph. Not much I guess. Might as well get back to this job I’m learning to dislike.


2 responses

  1. GG

    Remember Sesame Street? Suddenly I have the song, “which one of these kids is doing his own thing?” running through my head.

    Your explanations were fun. Thanks for playing along on the meme!

    1.) I’m not a stalker.
    3.) I never understood the Jehovah Witness theology. I remember kids in elementary school who couldn’t be in the room during celebrations…I thought it was sad.
    20.) That’s wierd about the vitamin D.
    22.) Picture!
    25.) I had a meal today with no added salt. Hey, this is HUGE for me.

    Do what I do with my kids. Set a timer and be a willing participant in the conversation until the timer dings. It works for computer sharing….

    p.s. I was not comando…I just wasn’t wearing any pants…

    April 14, 2011 at 8:26 pm

  2. I believe that the calcium converts to Vit D or some such magic when you are exposed to sunight…something like 70% of people in Florida are deficient in VitD, because they stay inside in the A/C. So the northeasterners haven’t a prayer. I went to my Doc on 4/8/11 due to my hair falling out, chemo-style – 37 y.o. females don’t suddenly start going bald for no reason. Blood test revealed: Severely deficient in VitD. Normal levels are 37-100, mine is 26.

    I’m on prescription VitD for 4 weeks (a 50,000 unit pill taken once a week), combined with twice-daily Calcium 600. I had just spent 10 days in Mexico Feb. 10-20, didn’t that help? Nope. Doc said there’s no amount of yogurt, cheese or milk that would’ve helped, with only 10 days’ exposure (honestly, I spent most of my time under umbrellas to avoid burning). I sprint from house to my car at 7 am, from the office back to the car at 5pm; that doesn’t give me 6 total minutes’ exposure, so I have zip for sun exposure on a normal day. Maybe have a test? Might help with the thinning hair…best of luck on the job interview!!!

    April 16, 2011 at 7:03 pm

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