Always tweaking something!

Busy Little Beaver

Day 2402-ish

Started a Monday with a dentist appointment first thing. How’s that for setting a week up so that it can only get better? Truth be told, it was only for a scheduled cleaning, everything went well and quick.

After that, had one REALLY BIG THING to do at work today, but that got torpedo’d by a lack of parts. Someone missed a delivery date on some parts that I need for a test. Wonder if they’re going to get nuked next year if they miss another date?

So, with no ‘really big thing’ to do, I cruised the job boards. Ended up at a local place ‘’, Indeed, Sologig, and surprisingly enough, Kelly Engineering Resources (which got me steered to Sologig.)

Ended up applying for 6 different jobs this afternoon. One was to be the Manager of the Bio Med department at a hospital up in Watertown. You think we get snow here? They get nearly double what we get.

Two were for field engineer positions, one for a Regulatory Affairs Manager, and two others for manufacturing engineering type positions. I still have two or three more to finish paperwork for, and I haven’t even touched the big places like Monster yet. I was aiming for 10 applications by Tuesday evening, so with a little effort tonight I ought to make it.

Saw these over at The Whoa and had to share:

Defining social networks by pee status:

Anti-procrastination inspiration from a popsicle stick:

And above all this pleasant nonsense, I would like to call your attention to a little change over on the right sidebar. I added a little ditty for my Tour de Cure sponsorship page. If you know someone battling diabetes, are in the fight yourself, or your just inclined to support some crazy-assed Yankee pedaling his behind all over the surprisingly rural countryside of upstate NY (with COWS even!!) (ohh – and cow manure. Seems to last longer biking past it compared to driving your car past it. Hmmmm . . .), please consider stopping by my page and making a 100% tax deductible donation to the American Diabetes Association. I ride in support of my Dad, my grandmothers, a bunch of uncles and a cousin who have all passed away as a result of complications from diabetes, and now another cousin and a brother who are currently doing battle.

If you DO go to my sponsorship page, be nice. I share personal information there that I don’t make readily available here. No, you’re not getting my bank account information or SSN, but I did have to make some stuff public for the ADA.

You folks in the northeast may be familiar with a beer called “Edmund Fitzgerald” brewed by the Great Lakes Brewery out of Cleveland, Ohio. It is quite possibly one of the finest porters in the country. Well just yesterday I transferred 5 gallons of a clone “Edmund” over to a secondary fermenter. In 3 weeks I get to bottle it. Three weeks after that we get to FINALLY sample it. This will hopefully be in time for my nieces big “moving into her own damn house” event. She has the good taste to list Edmund as one of her favorite beers (yes, we’re blood related, you can tell by the taste in beer). My plans are to bring my truck, my toolbox and a 12 pack (or so) of homebrew Edmund to her moving in festivities. Buffalo will never be the same.

Gotta run, spin is calling my name.

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