Always tweaking something!

Tough Sledding

Day 2399

What a brutal night bowling last night. Everybody agreed that the lane conditions were very tough. Usually, the lanes are oiled such that there are dry areas on the outside 5 – 7 inches (boards) on each side. The oil then tapers to a peak in the center of the lane. This pattern can run anywhere from 24 feet (short) to 36 feet (long) or even a little longer.

Most of the higher average bowlers throw some sort of a hooking shot. Some hook it a lot, others not so much. The key is finding the right combination of speed, revolutions and path to guide ones ball to the pocket. Speed and revolutions are harder to vary with any consistency – you throw the ball how you throw it. So the thing that one must adjust is the path. That all boils down to determining where the ball should enter the dry area of the lane – that’s where it’s going to hook the strongest. Get it in the dry too soon and it’ll hook too much and fly by the head pin. Get it in the dry too late and it’ll never have time to hook back up to the pocket. Kind of a Goldilocks situation.

Some nights the conditions leave a wide margin for error. Other nights, (last night comes to mind) not only is there no error margin, there’s a freakin quart of olive oil on each lane and it’s spread pretty evenly from gutter to gutter. That makes it tougher – no dry area with which to get leverage and create angle & drive to the pocket.

One nice thing about lots of oil is that it simplifies spare shooting. Kill the lift on the ball and shoot straight at your target. I was fortunate enough to manage only 2 open frames all night (both splits), but the difficulty in generating strings of strikes made scoring difficult. For the night – missed my average by 4 pins. But on any other night with only 2 opens I’d have expected to beat average by 50 or 60. (One strike, one open, 177?? – unbelievable!)

Got 5 resumes set to go, need to craft some cover letters for them. Need to dig up 5 more over the weekend and get them sent too. Really have to push getting my

I am seriously considering getting my bike out, getting it tuned up and going for a ride Sunday. Supposed to be sunny & 46 – nearly tropical for around here. Be nice to get in a 20 miler or so. Got to build up the endurance quick. June 12 is the Tour de Cure 100 miler. That’s 6 hours of ass in the saddle pedaling, maybe an additional 60 – 90 minutes at rest areas refilling water bottles. Working up to the distance is entertaining. Get to see a bunch of the towns out to the south & west of the city. Need to find some new towns to ride to so I can add to my collection of town & village welcome sign pictures taken while cruising. Got to find my little pocket cam too. Hmmm, where’d that thing go?

Got to get back to the Syracuse game. Later!


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