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Day 2398

Saw this on a private blog the other day (Hi G.G.) and thought that considering my current circumstances, a little insight into my inner workings might not hurt. I had a little trouble trying to decide whether to focus on work or home life. But after thinking about it for 1.8 micro-seconds (or the amount of time the quake in Japan shortened our day) (which is COMPLETELY separate from what was “lost” in Daylight Savings time), I realized that my work and home personas aren’t really all that different. So off I went.

Here are the results:

Master Archer
Brian, as the “Master Archer”, there is rarely a task you undertake without thoughtful planning and careful execution. You are even-tempered, competent, and hold high standards for yourself and others. With your level of diligence, steadiness, and talent for both creating and maintaining systems, you have the ability to rise to expert status. You tend to evaluate decisions slowly, based upon logic and facts, remaining sensitive to the needs of those around you. Using a rational and systematic approach, you like to do things right the first time and follow projects through to the end.
You excel at building solid relationships and maintaining a stable and peaceful environment. While generally reserved, you are most sociable in personal, low-pressure situations where you feel comfortable and connected to those around you. Once you form a bond with another person, you have no problem talking about personal subjects and extending trust. You will take the time to build solid relationships slowly, choosing your friends wisely.
Others experience you as organized, neighborly, and rationally minded. With a keen eye for detail, you may be quite creative or philosophical. You tend to avoid conflict and confrontation, and try to maintain positive and peaceful environments. You are likely a good listener and a stable friend, doing exemplary work, while diligently nourishing your relationships.
Food for Thought
Your communication style in general, especially in times of pressure or conflict, can be overly tolerant. Your need to maintain positive relationships, may lead you to undervalue your own needs, time, and personal goals. This can create additional stress in your life.
• You likely fear and avoid conflict, which may prevent you from setting appropriate boundaries and expressing your own needs and wants. If you don’t express your own needs, you may feel resentment. At times, you may need to make a concerted effort to stand your ground.
• You feel most comfortable when your world feels steady, stable, and orderly. This can lead to a resistance to change and a feeling of discomfort or loss of control in moments of change or chaos.
• Because you are able to multitask well, you often take on too much. Be aware of your limits and learn to delegate responsibility. Trusting others and seeking out their strengths may relieve a lot of pressure in your life. Sometimes it’s even okay to say no.
• You will take your time to gather all the information to make decisions. If you are unable to gather this information, you may struggle with decision-making. At times, you may have to push yourself to be more spontaneous or go with your “gut” instincts.
• You may show love, affection, and dedication through tasks, precision, and quality of work and want to be acknowledged for it as such. Likely, you also want to be shown love in a similar way that you show it. You may be frustrated around a more emotive style, as they will show and need to be shown love through affections and personal attention.

If you’re interested, I got it here . I did the free version. If you have a spare $25 lying around you can get the full blown version. Or you could donate that $25 to the Japanese Red Cross instead. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Now I have to show this to Cindy & see what she thinks. Maybe I’ll show Janine too and get her input. “Is this me?” For YOUR purposes, this IS me, except maybe for that 4th bullet in the ‘Food for Thought’ section. I’m more a ‘gather all the information you can and make the best decision based on what you know right now’ kinda guy. Make a choice, commit & go. If you need to adjust later on, feel free to do so, but don’t just sit there floundering.

Bullet number 5 is freakishly scary in it’s accuracy. That part about being frustrated around someone with a more emotive style? Oy! Ditto for having to talk something through 18,000 times before making a decision (see my rebuttal of bullet 4).

Also? There’s a position open locally for an installation team manager. It’s a project manager type position with revenue & inventory responsibilities. The job is with a competitor of my current firm, but it sounds like the installation projects aren’t for products that I am currently in competition with i.e. – no imaging devices. My personality profile seems to fit the job description, except for that whole procrastination part. I’ll be submitting an application anyhow. It’s entirely possible that the worst thing they can say is “when can you start?” A little stretch can be good.

Does the Master Archer part bode well for this fall’s hunting season? Hope so, I may need the protein source.


One response

  1. G.G

    Isn’t it interesting though? Well Mr. Master Archer, I’m feeling sorry for Bambi ;).

    Its awesome that you found something to apply for. Getting right in there and practicing those interview skills is important. So is the long haul trucker option out? Perhaps it would get you to a truck stop with a laundromat on the west coast…

    As an aside I had my husband take the personality test as well. He also got that thing about having a difficult time with someone who is emotive. Who’s emotive? This girl. *sigh*

    March 18, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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