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Waaay Out There

Day 2396

One of my favorite sites just posted something literally out of this world. Go check out Astronomy Pic of the Day for a REAL tour of Saturn.

Back on this planet – counseling tonight. Some 1 on 1 stuff with Janine. Bound to be an interesting night.

Plus – Many of you know I was a Group Representative for my home Al Anon group for a few years. One of the first things I did as GR was to get the sitting District Rep (next level up the political ladder) replaced. The person that was doing the job ran into some difficult times and couldn’t really fulfill the responsibilities. It’s tough to do without a phone or car. So I campaigned to get a new DR. Now, THAT DR’s term is up in September and she’s been hinting that I’d be a great candidate to take over for her. Except it means a minimum of two meetings a month, one of them in Syracuse (100 miles away), on top of my regular meeting and having to attend both conventions every year, but possibly not this fall.

It would be a good opportunity – leadership roles in any organization are a chance to learn more about the organization and yourself. Don’t know how Cindy would handle the news. It’s one of things thing we’ll have to sit down and talk about. Given the job situation. it may be a little too much.

We’ll see. Looking forward to counseling tonight actually.


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  1. BFD

    Thanks for the blog visit- you may want to come back tonight- tomorrow…..just sayin

    March 16, 2011 at 5:35 pm

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