Always tweaking something!

Rambling Man

Day 2395

First – my heart goes out to all those affected by the quake/tsunami in Japan. This is just a staggering event. I hope we as a country are able to offer meaningful help & assistance.

I don’t listen to enough Bob Seeger. Need to fix that. Did I hear that Limewire is defunct now too?

Wish I felt like doing something. Wish I felt like doing something about it.

Bowing last night wasn’t bad from a personal perspective. Started out slowly, missed a couple of easy spares that cost me a 200 game, but made some corrections in games 2 & 3 and came out of the session with a solid effort (609 after a 178 start). Team wise we got smoked again. We’re just having the lousiest luck. We might bowl ok but we run into a team that bowls hotter than snot. We might bowl really well, but will do it against a team that has their lowest average bowler shooting out of his mind. Or their highest average bowler shoots his personal best. Lousy timing is all it is.

Bottom line – we have a good time. Joke around with the other team, celebrate the good shots and commiserate with them on the bad ones. Every now & then I’ll throw one that’s just pure and the pin reaction will be explosively deafening. I get a fair amount of razzing for that. Last night, the league secretary was bowling on the lanes next to us. He actually got off the approach and reset himself after one particularly loud strike. I don’t think it was my fault, but 3 pins on his lane fell down after that shot. I was lobbying to get credit in my score for those pins, but there’s a rule about only counting the pins knocked down on your own lane. Too bad, I might have shot in the 230’s if I could have counted those.

Started this Friday (as you may be able to tell based on the bowling comments). Spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself. Didn’t get anything accomplished except read a couple hundred pages of a very difficult to read book. (500 down, 100 to go. Started it last month in Mexico fer cryin out loud.)

Need to make progress on an inventory step. I’ve done bits & pieces of it in my head, but I can’t be held accountable for that. Maybe I should break it (the inventory) down into a few different chunks. Analyze the procrastination (A great thing to do first!!), decide what fields I’m interested in working in, decide what I really want out of my personal relationships.

Also have to decide to kick my butt out of this funk I’m in. Now that I have my periscope up, I can see that I’ve been in this funk for a number of months now. Foreshadowing? Maybe. Truth be told, as far as the job situation goes, my input stopped at the end of December. That was the cutoff date for getting in what ever information was used to make future staffing decisions.

Now I’ve got to pull myself out of this miasma and find something new & interesting to do. I’ve proven to myself that I don’t really care for desk jobs. Better go off and do some navel gazing and see what it is I’d really like to do for a career.


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