Always tweaking something!


Day 2373

Finally broke down and checked the front door gasket of the washing machine. Guess what I found hunkered down in the drippings of the last load run through the washer? Yes – my long lost pinkie drive! The little metal shield that was on the back side came unglued, but outside of that, it looked pretty good.

I dried it off, ran the little contact extender thingy in & out a few times and gave it a whirl. I am very happy to report that it seems to be working just fine. All the work data I had on it looks ok, my bowling spreadsheet is intact, even my bill paying records made it through in one piece.

Bowling Thursday night was really, really odd. Worst night of the year for me. Maybe going on vacation this week will be a good thing.

Thought I’d try and post a picture from where we’re vacationing later this week. We have a day trip scheduled that ought to provide a golden photo op – the kicker will be if I can get any phone service from where we’ll be. I won’t have a laptop with me, so I’ll be relying on phone service. That reminds me, I need to check and see if our plan even has coverage there. We have Verizon, but I imagine I’ll have to use some sort of roaming to hook in.

Oh yeah, that picture. First correct guess for location wins a fabulous souvenir prize from the area. I will offer that we aren’t going to Australia, so dried kangaroo scrotums will be off the table as far as souvenirs go. I’m sure you’re all crushed by that news.

Not a lot else to add. Busy as all get out at work trying to get ready to be gone for a few days. Have to show up tomorrow, but it’ll be tough to concentrate. Even at home Monday night it’ll be tough to settle down. Our flight out Tuesday morning is scheduled for 5:25am. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for packing and sleeping. Have to see if I got a window seat on at least one flight so I can lean against the wall and get in a little nap.

Better go print out all my vouchers too. Later folks.


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