Always tweaking something!

Still no pinkie drive

Day 2370

I give up. Can’t find it anywhere. Someone just got themselves a sweet little 8GB pinkie drive with some of my work data on it. Good thing I only use it for transporting files and not long term storage. It did have all my bowling stats on it though. Maybe that’s a sign I’m being too anal about keeping track of bowling stats? Naaahhh. Just have to learn to live with a 2GB pinkie drive for a while. Dang it.

So, yeah. Bowling tonight. This is the next round of that In-League tournament. This rund only goes for two weeks. I only have tonight to try and qualify for the next round because we’ll be off on vacation net week. If tonight ends up stinking out loud, I may try to pre-bowl for next week. My pre-bowl scores would definitely count for the team (rather than taking my average minus ten for each game) and I might be able to apply them to the tournament too. Gotta see how tonight goes first.

Because my current league average is more than 10 pins higher than last years book average, I am forced to use this years average for this tournament too. That moved me from the “A” bracket into the scratch bracket. The scratch part is moot because there is no handicap for this tournament; everything is based on pins over average. The good part is that I ought to be in the lower range of averages in this new bracket. So some poor bastard that is averaging in the 220’s can really only bowl so far over his average. Seeing as I’m coming in at a more modest 197, I have more potential head room to exceed my average than Mr. 220. Guess moving up isn’t ALL bad, but I sure liked the idea of bowling against a 185 instead . . . Just have to bear down, stay calm and not over think things. My mantra lately has been “Less think, more throw”. The human body is incredibly good at doing what it needs to do if we can convince our mind to let it go. The most important idea I need to keep in my head is “square shoulders and reach out for the target” That’s amazingly effective at keeping things on line.

Oh – and don’t even THINK about trying to throw the ball slow – it only messes up the timing. I gotta go at 107% or things start getting out of whack.

Here’s a bad news/good news situation. Lefty won’t be bowling tonight (that’s the bad part), because his daughter has invited Lefty & Mrs. Lefty to Buffalo so they can be all excited with her about her very recent (as in this morning) purchase of her very own house (that would be the good part). I imaging being excited will consist of dinner out someplace, a nice bottle of wine or a Guinness or two and oogling over all the pictures my niece has no doubt taken (There is no doubt we are all from Kodak families . . .)

The scary part is that my niece is now the second kiddo of her generation to actually own her own place. This is really making me feel old. Zach & Jilll have had their place for over a year and a half and now the niece is getting in on the action? Probably have Eric & Kel looking at houses soon too. At least they’re waiting till after they’re married (in July) before they even consider looking.

Need to remember this for later – Saturday will be the 1 year anniversary of Cindy’s dad passing. Somehow I think that’s going to be significant in filtering through this weekend’s events.

‘Nuff for today. Gotta get back at it.


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