Always tweaking something!

Not Again!

Day 2368

This is getting ridiculous.

I had a nice little thumb drive that I used all the time. For a couple years anyhow. It was neat in that I could swap out microSD cards. I have an adapter that lets me use the microSD’s in cameras or other standard SD slots. Atually, I have three of the little buggers, but I favored one in particular. Then the mating shell to it cracked, allowed the alignment of the pins to get all kerfluggen and it basically wiped the chip. I still have the chip and every now & then I plug it back in and I can pull off a file or three before it remembers it’s broken.

I broke down and got me a new, one piece thumb drive. 8GB. small, had a little micro lanyard on it. Been using that for the last couple of months. I keep work stuff on it, like this:

Boring work stuff on my thumb drive

I kept journal.diary/blog entries on it, I kept track of my bowling scores and even had a database for my bill payment records. Until yesterday morning.

At home, I noticed it wasn’t on the top of my dresser. Figured I left it in the oscilloscope at work. Got to work and it wasn’t in the scope. Wasn’t in my laptop (had that at home all weekend), wasn’t in my desktop machine, wasn’t in my desk drawers, worktable drawer or on the floor.

Figured I must have left it in my pants when I changed Friday evening. Those pants were washed over the weekend. (No, I didn’t do the laundry – haven’t been properly motivated). I checked the pockets on those pants – negative. I’m even wearing them today. There definitely wasn’t anything in the pockets when I ut them on this morning. I checked the washing machine & dryer too. Nada. I need to go back and check the gasket around the front door.

But! It occurred to me that the most likely resting place for this wayward thumb drive (pinkie drive? it’s tiny!) might be the seam of the cushion in my recliner. It’s entirely possible that it managed to slide out of my pocket while I was basking in the glow of the TV as I took in that Alaska Gold Rush show on the discovery channel Friday night. So I gotta check that tonight when I get home.

Right now I’m sitting in the church where we do our Al Anon meeting. This was the week where our counseling session finishes early and I have a ton of time to kill before the meeting actually starts. So I’ll sit here and type. Already did some work work, but that just seems wrong in a church.

Counseling almost backfired on me tonight. Somehow we got led down the path of being stuck on a plateau, things not changing, some behaviors still the same after all these years. Janine was picking up on what I was saying and tried to coax me into cutting loose with what I already decided to sit on till we get back. I ended up wriggling out of it by turning the conversation back to what we were talking about at our last couples session, but I think Janine still smells a rat. I may text her this week to tune her in.

People starting to show up. Think I’ll post & ditch.

ps – above freezing here yesterday for what seems like the first time since early December. Yay.


One response

  1. GG

    Ugh, a broken thumb drive is the worst! Of course I got halfway to school this morning and realized mine is sitting on my dresser at home. So I’m e-mailing myself my assignments vs saving them to the thumb like I normally would.

    Wriggle sounds a lot like shimmy. Perhaps you should take a belly dance class too ;).


    February 16, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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