Always tweaking something!

Didn’t I just get over this?

Day 2360 #2

Just had to push that little history lesson down the page a notch or three. It was nice little reminder for me.

Congrats to the Pack! Couple of my brothers are rabid Packers fans from the days of Lombardi & Starr. Seeing as the Steelers are kinda sorta regional rivals of the Bills (remember that 0 for 4 Super Bowl streak?), I couldn’t root for them, so I was a Cheesehead for a day. Certainly not a terrible thing. After all, my favorite bike (a Trek) is from Wisconsin, may as well root for their team too.

Friday I almost left work early. Had the joint ache, fuzzy brain, heavy eyelids, chills. By the time I got a good start on a report then figured out the conclusion I was coming to was wrong the cafeteria was about to close. Instead of leaving, I grabbed lunch then hit the lab to try and figure out what the right conclusion was.

Bad move. Never made any real progress. Left work a little early, got home and crawled under a blanket. I was so chilled all weekend long that I actually slept nearly fully dressed. Flannel pj pants, t-shirt, socks – compared to what I normally wear that’s dressed for the tundra. Even with all that I was STILL old.

Coughed so much over the weekend that my ribs hurt. That was while taking the max dose of cough suppressants. I am SO tired of coughing.

Got smart and stayed home from work today. Fever broke this morning (without the assistance of ibuprofen for a change) and the coughing is reduced. At least my ribs have stopped hurting. Best part of this whole thing? It (so far) had stayed out of my sinuses. So while I haven’t been able to inhale very deeply lest I kick off a fit of coughing, I could at least take in sips of air through my nose. Yes, I’m reduced to taking small victories. Unlike the Packers.

So. Three day weekend of coughing & fever is over. Almost feel human again, maybe by Wednesday I’ll have enough of my lungs back to hit up spin class again. I will say one thing – fevers are great for cranking your metabolism and eating up a few calories. Think I dropped a pound or two purely through heat generation. Woo-hoo!


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