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Lucky Duck – Take 4,912

Day 2356

It’s been an odd winter. DC, Philly & NYC get pounded multiple times. We in the snow belt? Eh. Tuesday, KC, St. Louis, Chicago & Detroit (to name only a few) got pounded. Here in the show belt all we heard for two days was “Watch out for Tuesday night & Wednesday! It’s going to be a doozy!”


Silly me was actually making plans to set up my camera in the garage so I could get a picture of my own bad self coming up the driveway with the snow blower, clearing away a foot or more of freshly fallen snow. Coulda been a cool shot, except instead of that foot of snow, we had maybe 5 inches.

Guess we smell bad or something. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you gotta know if he has any teeth, right? Looks like once again the storm track wasn’t what the NWS thought it would be. Maybe it’s Lake Erie. Something in or over the lake is affecting storm tracks and by the time the weather systems get all the way to us, no one has a clue which way they’re headed.

This one certainly missed us. Not to diminish what happened further west. You folks got dumped on and blown all over the place. No doubting that. But here in the east it’s becoming a case of Chicken Little or the Boy Who Cried Wolf. School superintendents across Western NY closed schools Tuesday night. The little ticker thingy was just buzzing across the TV screen all night with the school & business closings.

Those of us that are working today really need to thank them for keeping the busses off the road this morning. Of course, all those kids home from school necessitated many parents having to stay home too. That meant even less traffic on the roads. So this morning, I got up a little early, cranked up the snow blower and cleared the fresh snow out of the driveway. In spite of the roads looking like veins of two-track all strung together, my drive time to work was maybe a minute longer than average. That’s because I had to keep my speed down to 60 instead of my normal 70 on my 6.5 mile expressway jaunt.

Truth be told, the local weather guys changed their forecast about 10 P.M. Wish I’d seen that. I was watching Jim Cantore wax disastrous on the Weather Channel. That guy is a master at over using hyperbole to make what ever situation he’s reporting seem like it’s only seconds away from killing him. He was on Michigan Ave in Chicago saying he got frostbite! I’m calling BS on that. His skin got a little cold. If he had frostbite, next time we see him he ought to be missing the tip of his nose or something. Frostbite kills tissue, not just gets it a little cold. Maybe people acclimated to Atlanta’s weather ought to avoid reporting on northern snow storms.

We did get a little bit of snow off the lake later Wednesday. Might have amounted to another 4 inches but it was that real light fluffy stuff that big heavy duty snow blowers struggle with. Kids & teachers got a free day off, that made the commuting easier on everyone else, we all go home happy. Win – win, right?


Good ol’ Ollie the grand-pup was pretty much house broken when the kids first brought him home. The only real trick, as G.G. noted, was in training the humans to recognize when the puppy was asking to be let out. Those humans can be so dense sometimes!

In spite of how, how, AVERAGE I bowled last week, I am still excited about bowling again tonight. And actually, last week wasn’t quite average. Started out ok, after 2 games I was actually +2 on my average for the night. But that third game! Back to struggling. Missed a couple easy spares (Brain farts really, just let my mind wander during the delivery) and couldn’t buy a strike, even with a $5 bill tucked in the thumbhole. (That’s a joke – the $5 is a tip to the now non-existent pin boys – in hopes that they might help a stubborn pin or two fall over)

But this is a new week. We have a position round tonight, so we’ll get out the Kama Sutra and check out what our new starting forms are. But REALLY, position round means first place team bowls against second place, third bowls against fourth, etc, etc, al the way down to 21 vs 22. It’s important to have a good night during position rounds because you can move up or down several places in the standings very quickly. And with the prize money increasing by maybe a whole $1 per man as you climb in position, it could make or break your season. Because there’s a HUGE difference in getting $120 a man for finishing in first versus getting $98 a man for finishing in 22nd. Hew-juh! (If anybody has seen a Billy Fucillo car ad, that makes sense. – It’s a local kinda joke)

Two days to piece this together. Sheesh! Breaks over, gotta run.


3 responses

  1. AC

    It is amazing how the areas that normally get snow aren’t and just to the south of them is getting hammered. I escaped north the day after the blizzard for work and there was hardly any snow there. That is beyond odd. I was watching good Ol Jim in Chicago too. He almost needed new pants with the thunder snow. If I were in Chicago, I would have been dancing with him in the street and not have bitched about the cold!

    February 6, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    • bikinfool

      Hiya AC & fadkog!

      The last couple of winters have been weird like that around here. Philly & NYC get dumped on, all we get is idle threats of snow. It’s too bad really, because we are WAY more prepared for it than most other places. That’s what all those taxes we pay get us – snow plows & salt!

      Is it ok that other places “tough” winters make our 90″ of snow (and counting) seem mild? Hope so, cuz that’s how I’m taking it.

      Stay warm!

      February 7, 2011 at 11:08 am

  2. After a few hard winters we typically have here in the Midwest, I’m thrilled that this winter seems far milder than normal. We’ve only had one no school day due to weather this year! Hooray! Of course, it’s snowing outside as I type this, so I should probably go knock on some wood and hope we stick with this mild business!

    February 6, 2011 at 10:52 pm

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