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Groundhogs Day? Hope Not!

Day 2354

I know folks in the mid-west and south are getting either pounded with snow or covered in ice this morning. Up here in the tundra of the northeast, we’re watching what happens to y’all to see just how scared we should be.

Tuesday we’re expected to get 1 – 3 inches of the white stuff throughout the day. No biggie. But that monster storm that’s wreaking havoc from Texas to Ohio today is supposed to slide our way tonight and the weather guru’s are calling for anywhere from 10 to 24 inches for us for Wednesday. Then there’s the lake enhancements to consider too.

Even in the lower end of that range, schools will probably shut down for the day. I doubt very much that we’ll get a freebie from work though. I imagine I’ll have to be up early to do the driveway one time just so I can get out in the morning. I’m betting Cindy gets the day off. I might just call in sick so I can spend the day in the hot tub watching the storm. I could also ‘work from home’ as I have access to all our servers, etc. even though access is hampered a bit by the tunneling software (i.e. anything where many MB of data have to flow provides ample opportunities for bathroom breaks)

All the snow is going to also make it difficult (or impossible) to get to the gym Wednesday evening for spin class. I really don’t need to be missing spin class. Chasing the snow blower up & down the driveway doesn’t quite compensate for it either.

Oh! Oh! Oh! (Remember Horshak?) This just in! An official transmission from the mother ship regarding weather policies!! Turns out that IF work shifts are canceled, the decision will be made by 4A.M. and official announcement will be made through the normal school closings channels.

Work from home is an option for those with the capability.

I may just chioken out, call in dead, work from home for a bit then go tubbing!! Or not. Depends on what’s in the driveway in the morning. Plus I just told a circuit board layout house (that’s well south of us and out of the storms direct path) that I’d be available in the morning for a Go To Meeting. Since I didn’t give the layout gal my cell number, I kinda need to be at my desk. Dummy.

Over the weekend we had the kids over for dinner. Smoked a chicken, so we had way more than only two of us could eat, so why not feed the kids too? They called and asked if it was ok that they bring Oliver over. Silly kids. I was tempted to tell them that if they left Ollie at home, they may as well not bother coming. OF COURSE it’s ok to bring the pup – but thanks for asking. Besides, I can see us dog sitting in the not too distant future, so he may as well get used to being here. As it turns out, he got used to it pretty quickly. We’ve established that the sliders in back are where he goes to ask to be let out. Smart little thing figured that our quick. Even if he wasn’t so smart, who could stay mad at this for very long?

Who can resist puppies?

(Click to biggify)

(It’s official too – I just added biggify to me spell checker dictionary, so it is now a word!)

Extra kicker to put some perspective to our snow woes, here’s a shot from southern Japan where a volcano recently let go. Some lucky photographers captures a shot of lightning inside the volcano’s ash plume. See:

Lightning inside a volcano's ash plume

(no biggify for this one)

Is that cool or what?

Gotta run. Counseling tonight. Need to think of something to discuss. I feel like we’ve been treading water for a while now. Not in a bad place, but things could be better. How do we push through to that better place?

Hmmm. Maybe that’s enough to start with.


5 responses

  1. As long as pups are housebroken….
    We are getting the snow here now. Waiting to see how it really goes but all the schools are already cancelled for tomorrow.

    February 1, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    • bikinfool

      Ollie is really good. He was 12 weeks old when they got him, 15 wks now & has only had 1 or 2 accidents. He learns really fast.

      Been watching Weather Channel & the reports so far. 11pm here and the flurries have juuuuusssst started. Can’t wait to do the driveway in the morning.

      February 2, 2011 at 12:03 am

  2. Lapintornade

    Temps were in the teens here this morning. Pipes in the half bath downstairs were frozen until I put the hair dryer under the sink. Don’t think the pipes burst. Then the power was out for over an hour due to rolling blackouts. Fun morning.

    February 2, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    • bikinfool

      I think you guys got it worse than us. Storm seems to have tracked a little too far north to really hit us hard. Hope things return to normal for you all soon. The good news is that pipes can tolerate a teensy bit of freezing, so you may well have caught it in time with the hair dryer. Hope so!

      February 2, 2011 at 5:42 pm

  3. G.G

    I hope you miss most of that nasty weather. Ollie is the cutest little grandpup ever. Kudos on the housetraining. Our lab will ring a bell on the back door when she wants to go out. The real trick is getting the kids to pay attention and let actually let her out….

    February 3, 2011 at 2:03 am

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