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It’s Making Me Hungry!

Day 2342

I subscribe to RSS feeds from Simply Recipes because I enjoy many of the recipes posted and also like that there are often stories included with the recipe that describe the how the author came across the recipe, or how she or her friends prepare it.

That being said, I think this one:
Feijoada, Brazilian Black Bean Stew is dinner one day this weekend. I think. If I get buy in from the boss.

It’s not unlike a Jambalaya with the exception of the beans, and true to the dish’s origin, I pan on modifying it before I even get started. See – I have a bag of smoked pulled pork shoulder in the freezer that’s dying to get eaten. Or is it that I’m dying to eat it? Trivial little detail.

So I’ll be substituting my pulled pork (that just sounds wrong) for the recipes pork shoulder and smoked ham hock. In addition, I’ll probably use Andouille for the smoked sausage, and I might throw in Italian sausage for the fresh, although fresh bratwurst would be interesting too. Maybe next time.

Oh, instead of water, I might try veggie or chicken stock, just to add a little background body. Water can just be kinda flat sometimes. (Do I watch too many cooking shows? Nah . . .)

The other adjustment I may make is size. This recipe feeds 10 – 12 people. I could cut it in half, have it for dinner Sunday and still have 3 or 4 lunches for the week. Win – win, right?

I mentioned that today is bowling day right? I get ridiculously excited about bowling. Actually, I get ridiculously excited about ANY participatory sporting event I’m participating in. (in which I am participating? Damn grammar rules!)

Last night’s spin class was exceptionally good too. At home afterward I was noticing the particularly rubbery feeling of my leg muscles – to me, a sign of a rousing work out.

Also in the health department, for the first time in eons we have a scale at home. During my big weight reduction run several year ago I made use of the scale at the Y. Now, since my weight has crept up a little farther than I am happy with, I broke down and got a scale for home use. It’s an addicting little thing. I’m having fun weighing myself before & after I pee. Great entertainment. Seriously – I will be settling down to a weighing schedule & regimen. Same time, same condition, once a week for sure, no more than twice a week. With all the experimenting I’ve been doing this past week, I’m finding that there is lots of noise in taking readings too often. So I’m thinking Saturday morning, post pee, and Wednesday morning, same condition.

One last thing before I finish lunch. Would someone remind me to skip my evening orange Sunday night? I need to get blood work done and it must be on a 12+ hour fast. Any other evening before the labs are open we eat dinner too dang late. I need to behave on a Sunday night, for once. (And yeah, I have a thing for oranges as a late night snack. Beats the hell out of a PB & honey on rye.) (Well, not really, but it IS better for you)


One response

  1. G.G

    That stew does sound good. I have a bit of addiction to the website but I’ll check out the one you mentioned as well. Ok, weighing before and after a pee must be a guy thing. Although I will admit to doing the morning weigh in after all of the delicate business has been taken care of ;).

    January 21, 2011 at 4:44 pm

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