Always tweaking something!

Marketing Magic

Day 2341

Admit it. After looking at the following little graph, you ALL want to come live here every January from now till doomsday.

This little chart starts at midnight Sunday/Monday. The Y-axis is temperature (Fahrenheit no less), the X-axis is hours elapsed since midnight Sunday. That little dip in the temperature? That was drive to work time Monday morning. The bonus for me was that I have to go about 8 miles north to get to work. Normally that would suck, but since it took me closer to the lake, it was 12 degrees warmer at work than at home.

We’re headed back down to 10 or so for the weekend. I’m thinking we’ll go to Mendon Ponds and get in a little snow shoeing on Saturday.

That park is also the starting/ending point for the ADA Cure de Tour – which I will be doing again this year – but in June, not January. (It’s official too. I just completed registration. The shameless pleas for donations will commence around April)

Work has been kicking my butt. Stuff at home has been keeping me busy. Getting the final details wrapped up on The Bob’s estate. I’ll be so glad when that’s over. The details, paperwork, reading instructions for financial crap – I think they make the forms overly complex and the instructions overly vague on purpose. They’re in cahoots with the makers of Advil & booze, trying to increase sales in both.

Bowling tomorrow. Can’t wait, again. Hope our team wakes up soon. Been tough sledding the last month or so. We are definitely due to break out of our doldrums. It’ll probably happen just as Cindy & I are leaving for our February anti-hibernation trip. Which, coincidentally, will be the 2nd week of bowling I’ve missed in the last 6 years. Now there’s some dedication for ya.

Gotta run. Someone stole the ECO templates!!!


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