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No – It Hasn’t Been a Year, Quite.

Day 2326

Granted, the last time I ‘graced’ these pages WAS last year, it wasn’t quite a year ago. Maybe a week, no? What’s happened since then? Plenty. Brief rundown:

Tuesday. Dead. Snorted Afrin, gulped Advil and set up a Robitusin IV. Still went to couples counseling that evening because I had to pick up the gift certificate for the massages. That kinda blew the surprise aspect of it. Cindy was going to let me beg off on going, but I needed to be there to get and pay for the certificates. It’s hard to communicate a need to be at a counseling session that is so great it trumps a cold. I think Cindy thought I was going to lower the boom on something and she was a little withdrawn till we got there. Then she figured things out and my surprise was shot. Ah well. At least there’s a massage coming out it of all. Eric & Kelly rolled in about 11pm – went & soaked in the hot tub for a bit with them.

Wednesday. Not dead. Snorted Afrin, gulped Advil and refilled the Robitusin IV. Feeling well enough to tackle some chores around the house. Also?!? Zach called, wondered what we were doing for the day. Seems he had the rest of the week off while his Jilly-bean was slaving away at work. When I told him we were getting ready to brew a 5 gallon batch of Irish Stout, he couldn’t get showered and over to the house fast enough.

So, yeah. Started a batch of stout. Fun process. We did ok, but certainly made use of having 3 people around to manage the process. Got to figure out a 1 person process soon.

Anyhow – got the carboy loaded, cooled the wort and added the yeast. Then found a nice cool dim spot in the basement to park this thing for a week or so to let the yeasty beasties do their thing.

Jilly-bean came over after work and we started our Christmas-ish celebration. Had a big sleep-over so we could start early Thursday morning.

Thursday. Not dead. Decided to skip the Afrin (well ALL medications) for the day. Besides, 3 days on a decongestant like Afrin (or its generic substitutes) is the limit. I was there.

I was first up, got a pot of coffee going. Cranked up the oven so we could get the strada in while the carnage of present opening was going on. The presents were all well received. Kids were thrilled with their stuff, Cindy liked her watch & perfume, but the jury is still out on the massages. We’ll see. I got only 1 material gift all day, but it was a goody. Actually, it’s out in the garage now – my big new tool cart. Yep, I have soooo much shit stuff in the way of tools, I need a second cart to contain it all. Maybe now I can fix my original cart too.

Bowling Thursday night. What a chore. Started out pretty good, 204 and 215, but seriously ran out of gas in the third game. Couldn’t keep the ball speed up where it needed to be, so it hooked more than usual. Anything I tried to allow for more hook seemed to make it hook even more, which is nice info for later, but wasn’t helping out much at the time. Ended up over my average for the night, but it really felt like it could have been a better night overall. Still have 6 weeks to get into a groove for this tournament thingy. I still like my chances.

Friday. Actually, I need to back up a wee bit. When we replaced our old font door unit a couple months ago, the big push was to get the exterior finished before winter. Got that done. Then the priority shifted to getting the screen covers done for the back porch, along with a trip to New Orleans, a trip to Massachusetts and getting in a few days of hunting. With all THAT out of the way, it was time to consider getting the interior of the door finished. You know – moldings, painting – the kinds of things that make a project look complete. So that was a biggie I got to cross off my ‘honey do’ list. Moldings are u & painted. Took bits & pieces of four days, but considering I’ve been at “work” work only 4 days in the last 15, there was ample opportunity.

The weekend was kind of a blur. Didn’t really do much, not even a trip or four to the gym. Last night was my first spin class since the Wednesday before Christmas. I know this was the season of giving, but I think everyone in spin class appreciated me NOT sharing my cold virus. Once the contagious phase passed, I still didn’t have the energy to consider pedaling for an hour. Plus, any sort of real exertion triggered a lovely little coughing jag and the tightness of the chest to go along with it. Spin class last night was tough. My legs seemed to have the energy, but the old lungs just weren’t quite up to par yet. The fact that there were 35 of us in the studio didn’t help either. It was so hot & humid in there we had the walls sweating, in spite of the 3 ceiling fans, two giant-assed floor fans and an open door. The Great Salt Lake could be found right under my bike – and that was before I wrung out my t-shirt.

That brings us to today, the 4th day of a new year. A new year with the theme of “Moderation”. Moderation as in get my exercise regimen UP to a moderate level, my food intake DOWN to a moderate level, and in general curb bad habits and encourage the growth of positive habits – even if I have to resort to flossing every day in order to succeed at the “encourage the growth . . .” part.

On a “being a big boy” note – I finally made the call and got me a new primary care physician. Hoo-boy are we going to be busy! My periodontist has a battery of tests she’d like to see me get and sine I haven’t had a physical in 2+ years, there’s THAT whole battery of testing to do. I expect some of the results to be less than stellar, so that whole moderation thing? Gotta get started, PRONTO!


4 responses

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Good on you for getting a new PCP and getting on with taking care of your health. Moderation is overrated 🙂

    January 4, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    • bikinfool

      Getting back up to speed is a wonderful thing.

      Been wrestling with how to pull off this ‘moderation’ thing. I think the biggest challenge with it is the lack of sort of clear cut definition. It just begs for more detail. I will have to navel gaze some more and come up with a better motivator for the year.

      Really, I just need to get off my ass and move more, like I did a few years ago. Can’t wait for spring!

      January 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

  2. That’s funny, because I had decided this was going to be my year of excess. 😉 No, really. I need to get off my a$$ and start living.

    Glad you’re feeling better, I’ve managed to stave off something nasty, but my daughter’s been hacking and coughing all week.

    January 6, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    • bikinfool

      Tell you what Aunt juicebox – you go to excess in moderation and I’ll moderate in excess. Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere.

      What’s your secret for staving off the nasties? Cuz I’d really like to NOT get a cold like my last one ever again.

      January 7, 2011 at 11:56 am

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