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Far From Superior?

Just heard on the news, we’re getting pelted by another band of lake snow. That unfortunately isn’t unusual. What’s odd about this one is that is starts out over Lake Superior, crosses Lake Huron & Georgian Bay, cuts across a skinny section of Ontario, Canada, then across Lake Ontario and into my back yard. That’s like a 500 mile long chain of snow!

Before spin class tonight I was listening to some tunes from my crackberry while I was warming up. Well, warming up isn’t quite right, I got worked up into a pretty good sweat before class even started. I stumbled into a way to recover the playlist from my phone, then found that I could share it to WordPress in order to save it.

Except that the transfer seemed to take forever, like it was loading the songs, not just the titles. Then, of course, the whole thing barfed on a Stone Temple Pilots tune. But I actually remember the play list and I want to record it here so that I might come back later and burn a copy to give to the instructor. Unfortunately, there’s no real letdown in tempo in this list, unless you half-time a tune (but then you have to crank up the resistance)

The list:

Ozzy Osburne – No More Tears
Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart
ZZ Top – I Thank You (But she did, but she did . . .)
Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak (good sprint sections here – especially when the sirens are wailing)
Notice the run of ‘ZZ’ in the band names?
Molly Hatchett doing Blackfoot’s “Train, Train”
STP – Vaseline

Not a list for everybody, but I sure enjoyed it. If I mix in a couple slower songs for recovery periods, it could morph into a brutal workout routine.

Hmmmm – I don’t really know (like) any slow songs. Not what I listen to music for. Maybe I can toss in a few Zydeco tunes to break things up instead. Or Dueling Banjos!!


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