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The Nawlins Chronicles #2

Day 2305

I’m not going to re-hash every stinkin’ day we were in New Orleans. That would be boring for you and would just make me sad and want to go back. Again. Instead, I have a few pictures that illustrate what I’m taking with me for this trip.

Music. On the street. Everywhere.

Street Jazz:

See the bubbles wafting down from the second floor gallery? Click to biggify!

More Jazzin’:

She’s hooked for life:

She was just sitting there, captivated, watching that band play. Too cute. I better get granddaughters!

We saw this guy last time we were in town. He does a pose with his little dog, then swoops down on an unsuspecting tourist, scares the crap out of them and incorporates them into his pose. These are a few shots I got of him with this young lad. Crowd response to this guy is great.

You don’t become a one man band without using your head, an old bass, some piano parts, duct tape, screws & glue:

Neat & creepy all rolled into one:

Quite possibly the most taken photograph in New Orleans. But how can you NOT do it?

Jackson Square & St. Louis Cathedral

Of course, no one can resist taking a shot of a stature of a rearing horse either:

Gen. Jackson

After the Saints game Thanksgiving Day, they fired up the fountain at Pat O’Brien’s. It’s really quite captivating. Wish I could figure out how to get my SLR to do video.

Hot Water

And finally, my wishes for all of you this holiday season:


2 responses

  1. maria in Mpls

    Love all the pics!!!! Brian and i honeymooned in New Orleans! One of the pics of the guy with the base look exactly like one of our guys at work….I showed them the pic and even he admitted this guy looked just like him….thanks for sharing – you gave us all a great laugh!

    December 15, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    • bikinfool

      Now you know what your co-worker does on weekends!!

      So did you & Brian just float all the way down the river to New Orleans after your wedding? That would be a heckuva trip!

      December 15, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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