Always tweaking something!

Best Intentions . . .

Day 2300

2300 days with no smokes. That’s 6 years, 3 months, 2 weeks & 3 days. Or so. (If you do the math, don’t forget that 2008 was a leap year.)

On to my real subject – –

Yes, I’ve had the best of intentions.


You may have heard – the weather out here on the east end of the Great Lakes can be described with 3 words: Lots of snow. Areas just south of Buffalo got 4 feet in a single day. We didn’t get hit that hard all in one shot, but we have been nickel & dimed into our own 2 feet of snow. Four inches here, another 6 there, 6 more on top of that – my smoker looks like it’s wearing a chef’s hat.

Had a small scare the other day. Opened the slider off the kitchen in order to get to the porch (on the way to the hot tub!). Didn’t hear the comforting gurgle of the pond pump re-circulating water. It’s absolutely necessary to keep the pump running so that some of the surface doesn’t freeze. The moving water helps to exchange gasses and is critical in keeping the fish alive over winter. Otherwise we’d end up with a bunch of fish sticks.

Anyhow. Visions of buying a new pump were floating through my head – to the tune of $300 for a pump big enough for our pond. But karma was smiling on me last night. Once I waded out to the pond (through more than knee deep snow) I could see that some of the surface was indeed not frozen and even moving. Turns out that the snow that had fallen raised the level of the pond to the point where it reached the end of the pump output hose. Since the flow from the hose was entering the pond below the water level, it was silent. I was very, very relieved. I also pulled the hose up a few inches to insure that it would stay clear of the water and always provide us an indication that is was (hopefully) running.

I have perhaps 8 pictures from our New Orleans trip ready to share. It’s just more than I can handle to get them loaded & captioned & html’d up during one lunch period. Which reminds me – work has been hell lately too. Busy as all get out, then on top of that, management decided that rather than have us just write up a summary of our accomplishments for the year, they wanted all the Director of Product Developments direct reports to see Power Point presentations from each of the rank & file engineers & designers. So on top of trying to keep up with the ungodly schedule we get forced into, we all lost a day or more prepping a dog & pony show that could have an impact on our jobs next year.

Bowling lately has been thrilling. Before we left for New Orleans I managed something gaudy like a 667 series with a 277 game thrown in. Had to take a week off for Thanksgiving, which kinda sucked a little, but that was more than offset by being able to watch the Saints game at Pat O’Brien’s, outdoors, wearing shorts, sipping a Hurricane. Yeah, that really sucked, not bowling that Thursday.

Anyhow, last week was another pretty decent week on the lanes. Started out ok, throwing exactly my average, 192. Followed that up with a 211 and closed with a solid 226 for a 629 series. The scary thing is that I’m getting a better feel for what my body position needs to be throughout all stages of the approach & delivery. What’s even scarier is that I’ve had some success in getting myself reset and back on track after an errant shot.

What I need to work on now is to quell the butterflies in the stomach when I get a string of strikes going. I can’t help but to get nervous & excited after throwing 4 or 5 in a row, and the adrenalin makes it harder to keep things under control. Today, if I get the chance, rather than getting all wobbly kneed and trying to avoid making a mistake, I want to maintain an air of aggressiveness – to go out and attack the lane like it owes me the next strike. The heck with this ‘avoiding a mistake’ – crank it up and throw it like you own it.

It’s a good theory. I’ll let you know how it works out.


2 responses

  1. I thought it was “throw it like you stole it”!

    You are on a tear!

    December 9, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    • bikinfool

      Heh. Tear ended, whether it was owned, stolen or borrowed. The dude that takes care of ‘dressing’ the lanes foiled EVERYBODY last night. There was just very little room for error. It’s good to be humbled like that every now & again. I just hope he returns the lanes back to their typical oiling pattern soon!

      December 10, 2010 at 9:48 am

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