Always tweaking something!

What travel problems?

Day 2290

Travel to & from New Orleans went without a hitch. Got to our home airport about 5:30am and hit the long term parking garage. Checked in, checked our bags, made it through security in about 20 minutes. No one asked to feel me up, no one asked about body scans, it was pretty much business as usual. The line for security looked long (hell, it WAS long) but it moved pretty quickly. I’m happy to report that in conservative little Rochester, no one was staging any boycott of the body scanners. If we even have them. I know we do metal detectors, random people get put through a sniffer and out luggage gets x-rayed – but I’m not aware of any body scanning.

We left Rochester on-time (7:00) and made it to Philly a little early. Even the Philly airport looked a bit quiet, but we just accepted it and moved along.

Really, our flights Wednesday morning full & were on time & airport traffic wasn’t bad. On the way back Sunday evening again our flights were full, but they ran on-time – even through Dulles.

In between the flying, the trip went just as well. It’s interesting visiting a place for the second time. Felt like we were able to hit the ground running. Got all the touristy stuff out of the way the first time, now we could settle into what really interested us.

We heard more music this trip than I’ve heard in a 4 day period ever. Saturday alone we hit up a Blues joint (Blue Nile), a jazz club (dba) and of course got in some Zydeco on Bourbon St. The Bayou Club on Bourbon was kind of a dive, and they really only cycled through the same 4 or 5 bands all weekend, but how can you not like Zydeco? The musicians there were also VERY good at engaging the crowd.

I think it was out first night in town, we were out carousing along Bourbon, poking in & out of clubs listening to the rock cover band. We were settled into a place called The Famous Door (I think), listening to a pretty good cover band. I noticed girls wandering around with racks of what looked like test tubes containing various brightly colored liquids. Turns ut these girls were trying to sell shots at $3 a whack. Hurricanes, Sex on the Beach, something blue, something clear – all kinds of stuff. One of the ‘friendlier’ girls actually paused in front of me, put her hand on my chest and pinched my nipple as she was asking me if I wanted a shot. Then she turned to Cindy and started rubbing up against her leg, asking if Cindy wanted a shot too.

That’s the kind of frisking we need in the airports.

Anyhow. In spite of being sexually molested by a girl young enough to be my daughter (THAT’s creepy right there!), I (we) turned down her offers of the shots. Which was kinda too bad, because I was noticing how she served them. Probably a good thing I was there with my wife is all I’m saying.

Only hit 1 repeat restaurant (but WHY Bubba Gumps?) from our first trip (Cafe Du Monde does NOT count as a repeat). Have another batch of 200 some pictures. Over the net few days I’ll winnow through them and post some of the better and/or more interesting shots.

Lots more to say about the trip, but I really need to get caught up on work. Later!


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