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Some Last Minute Things

Day 2280

Dang it! I had half an entry written and my crap top popped up a “blue screen of death”! Second time it’s happened this week. It’s like I have too many work applications open at once and it’s trying to get me to slow down. Sorry, can’t oblige Mr. Craptop. To quote a colleague we imported from Stuttgart: “Verk Harder!!” (He’s only half kidding when he says that. Dude is driven!)

Anyhow. It seems the bowling gods really want me to return after out little Thanksgiving break. They left me quite the teaser session last night.

First off, the bowling center manager managed to talk me into entering this “in-league” tournament. To enter, you cough up $3 for each week you want to try. You bowl your regular league games, but record those scores on a separate tally sheet. Your tournament status is based on how many pins over your average you bowled that night.

First game I bowled a 188. My qualifying average for the tournament is last years book average of 185. So after one game I was +3. WOO-HOO! It’s even more humbling when both my brothers beat me, one with a 192 or so, and Lefty chipped in with a 264 or some such gaudy score.

Second game? Lefty slipped. He only shot a 248 and I CRUSHED him. Yep. 277. Highest game ever for me. It was kinda nice too because I started with the first 4 strikes, slipped a bit and had an 8/spare in the 5th, then threw the next 6 strikes and closed out with a ringing 10 pin. For the uninitiated, the ringing 10 is a pretty decent shot, but the pin in front of and to the left of the 10 pin (far right corner pin) wraps around the 10 instead of sliding into it. It’s a common enough occurrence – I probably get 3 a night on average.

Oh. Here’s the score sheet.

I’m the second line. And yes, I cheated and blotted some stuff out to protect some peoples’ innocence. For completeness – Lefty did finish with the last 3 strikes in his 10th frame to earn that 248 I mentioned. We needed every single one of them too. We only won that game by a single pin – because lefty & I went large in our tenth’s and their last guy missed a single pin spare on his last shot.

So. After 2 games I’m +95 in that tournament. Pretty sweet. Third game I came back down to earth a bit, bowled a more mortal 202. Missed out on a 700 series, but did turn in a new personal best 667 for the night, and ended up +112 in that tournament. From what I understand, bowlers are spit up into brackets based on average. I think the buckets are 20 pins wide (i.e. 141 – 160, 161 – 180, etc.) The top 50 in each bracket advance to the bowling center finals. The top 3 in that round get fabulous cash prizes and the top 6 advance to the regionals. Eventually, there is a national finals that pays out some ridiculous amount of cash – $50K maybe? Maybe between all the brackets? I don’t know for sure. But – at +112 I’m in great shape to make the bowling center finals. I made sure to go thank the bowling center manager for talking me into coughing up the $3 entry fee too. Plus – she’s a cute little red head and I have this weakness . . .

So. Friday afternoon I will wander out into the great forest and do a little tree stand maintenance. Friday evening I get to break out my guns, do a little touch up on them, pack my gear for the morning, maybe have an Ubu Ale and a dip in the tub, then it’s early to bed for my 4:30 wake up call.

Shit. Gotta pick up a book to read too. Can’t tell you how many times I’ll be sitting there minding my own business reading a book and a deer will wander right by my stand. Books are great for keeping you still & quiet. Where we hunt it’s pretty thickly forested so there are no long shots, everything is pretty much under 50 yards, so there’s no real need to be constantly scanning the horizon, waiting for something to happen. Our technique is pretty much shut up, wait, then don’t spook them as they walk by.

“Be vewy vewy kwiet. I’m hunting wabbits!”

Gotta love Elmer.

I checked my email. I DO have confirmations for a New Orleans trip next week. That wasn’t a dream. Weird . . .


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