Always tweaking something!


Day 2279

This may not be suitable for non hunters or those with a particular fondness for creatures of the forest. But these particular creatures seem to be a little lost . . .

I was delayed slightly on my way in to work this morning. I had to wait for the damn deer to get out of my driveway. When they did, they took up residence across the road, munching on the acorns dropped from my neighbors’ tree.

In 2 days, this would be a wonderful sight:

T - 2 days till opening day.

Because I could make it look like this:

Just squeeze . . .

That black vertical stripe is a lamp post next to my driveway. Those deer are standing/eating in my across-the-street-neighbors yard. I’m maybe 35 – 40 yards away. Good bow range, excellent shotgun range. No – I wouldn’t shoot them in my neighbors yard. My back yard, with a bow, early in the morning . . . I’d have to think about it. It IS illegal, but I’d only be protecting my hostas & tulips . . . If they didn’t run to the woods it could be a little messy . . .

Working hard to clear out some time Friday afternoon. I need to make a quick trip to the woods to do some last minute checks on tree stands. Got to do a little carpentry on one (lower the seat a couple inches) and make sure the holes for the screw in steps are clear. I hate that, because this one poplar tree has a habit of peeing on me when I take the bottom step out. I thin I tapped a major xylem or phloem vein (must be phloem for water, huh?). First time this happened, this tree cut loose like a horse. Nasty, stinky, sulphury smelling water that it was sucking up from the water table. If you can imagine a 3/8” stream of water squirting over a foot out of the tree – I had pictures, but it was after the flow had slowed some.

Anyhow, I want to get the great tree peeing incident out of the way before we’re trying to be all quiet & sneaky out there in the woods.

I will have a decent camera on hand, so if there are any before & after photo ops, I’ll be sure to share. (I’ll keep the gore to 0.00%. That kind of stuff just isn’t in good taste.) As always, we’re hoping for a nice sized buck, but when it comes to making sausages, the does work just as well, and I have 2 doe tags to fill this year too. Vegetarian by proxy, yep – that’s me! (You are what you eat, right?)

Maybe I can figure out how to post pics straight from my phone, right from the comfort of my tree Saturday morning. Hmmmmm . . .

edited to add – made plans for Thanksgiving. We’re headed to New Orleans for another visit. If anybody is in the neighborhood from the 24th – 28th, speak up – maybe we can grab a coffee & some beignets or gab over a cup of gumbo. I now I plan on hitting a lot of blues houses while we’re there this time. Maybe do a night in a Zydeco joint too. Ought to see about tossing some beads too . . .

Know what’s worse than having your youngest kid hit 25? Having your youngest brother (“the baby”) hit 43. That kinda blows that whole “I’m only 39” deal right out of the water.


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