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How did THAT Happen?

Day 2276

So, I go to work Friday. Have just a wonderful day at the zoo. Went to a concert (pics to follow, because we were that close), came home, hung out in the hot tub for a bit and then went to bed.

Somehow, when I woke up Saturday morning, the heavens decided I was old enough to be the parent of a 25 year old. I apparently did not get a vote on the matter.

How do these things happen? There I was, hanging out in my recliner, nursing a monster headache – because even though you are so close to the stage you are actually UNDER the speakers they are still really loud. We called Eric kinda out of the blue because even though we’d gone out to see him last week to celebrate, Saturday WAS his real birthday. Turns out the little shit actually got the day off of work. Hmmph. But still – he had the audacity to actually turn 25, obviously violating several laws of nature because like I claimed earlier – I am NO WAY old enough to be the aren’t of a 25 year old.

At least I can act like I’m not mature enough to be the parent of a 25 year old.

The worst part is that Eric is the youngest of our two kids. With Eric & Kelly getting married next year, it’s inevitable that sooner or later either Zach & Jill or Eric & Kelly are going to try and make us grandparents. You can imagine what my reaction to that will be. I DO have it on good word that any impending grandparent hood is a ways off. Jill says there is no way she wants to be preggers at Eric & Kelly’s wedding. Doing the math, that means no grandkids till May of 2012.

Of course, I’ll still be too young to be a grandparent by then, so I really don’t know what they’re going to do. I’m sure they really don’t care. Do you think being 39 with 13 years experience is too young to be a grampa?

Friday evening was interesting. We planned on getting to dinner around 5:30, figuring we’d have maybe an hour wait for a table on a Friday night. We picked a place near downtown (that Beale St. joint), maybe a mile from the arena where the concert was.

Turns out that 5:30 on a Friday evening is a great time to get a table there. We were ushered right in, sat down and got started. We took our time and managed to stretch dinner out till just past 7pm, at which point we made the while mile long drive downtown to the arena. (Sadly just two blocks from the Dinosaur, but we knew there was no way on earth we’d have been able to get a table there)

Having trouble remembering what I had for dinner. Cup of gumbo to start, there was a pomegranate mojito, (maybe that’s the source of the memory problem!) and I know I had red beans & rice, Cajun corn and corn bread for sides. For the life of me, I can’t – ahh yes – Cajun meatloaf! Not horrible, not spectacular. Gooped a few dollops of some nice smoked habanero hot sauce on it and things improved mightily. Cindy had a Cajun fried chicken which was really lightly battered and spiced up just right. I think she STILL has a piece in the fridge. Until I get to it for lunch tomorrow.

The show was excellent. This is the third time we’ve seen them and each show has been a little different. They of course covered their really hits (Mad Russians Christmas, Wizards in Winter, Christmas Cannon, Requiem (a take on Beethoven’s Fifth) to name a few. We were much closer to the stage than I thought. I really thought there was an entire section in front of us, but as it turned out, we were all of 7 rows from the stage. (Row G actually). We were in range for the random guitar picks when they tossed them out at the end, but the folks in front of us had pretty good hands. Here’s a couple of shots of the action:

Guitar solo, early in the show



Just wasn’t quite the same without Anna Phoebe shredding her guts (or her bow string) up on the stage. It’s really like I mentioned last week, in a mans eye, Roddy Chong is not a reasonable substitute for Anna Phoebe. Ahh well, life goes on.

Saturday was spent recovering. Had a lovely headache which I am blaming on our proximity to the speakers. Namely, they were 15 feet directly over our heads. So to recover, I never once changed from my flannel pj pants all day long. What a glorious, lazy day it was. Spent Sunday having a brunch at my mom’s, made a quick grocery trip and listened to the radio as the Bills FINALLY won their first game of the year. The irony of the situation was that the Bills were playing the Detroit Lions at home. The game was far from a sellout, so home TV was blacked out. Doesn’t it figure that’s the game they would finally win?

Had a monster concept review this morning at work. I was reasonably well prepped for it, but it still acted as the catalyst in renewing my headache. In the no good deed goes unpunished category, I have 8 unplanned for action items to take care of as a direct result of this review, in addition to the umpteen thousand things I already knew needed doing. So, without further ado, I must end my lunchtime respite and get the old nose back to the grindstone, headache & all. Maybe the ibuprofen will kick in soon.


2 responses

  1. AC

    I’d ask for a recount on the years of your son 🙂 I say the same thing about my niece and nephews. There is no way they can be that old!

    That concert looks awesome! Glad you had a great time and I’m sure the headache was worth it 🙂

    November 17, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    • bikinfool

      Heeee – maybe he has a couple of ‘hanging chads’ I can deduct.

      November 17, 2010 at 10:28 pm

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