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Hot Time in the Old Town Tonite!

Day 2273

Looks like we’re starting the Christmas season a little early around these parts. One of our favorite all time concert events is tonight.

These guys:

Who last put out this album:

Are playing in beautiful downtown Rochester tonight.

Unfortunately, Ms. Anna Phoebe

Is no longer touring with the Orchestra. We’ve heard Roddy Chong play with them in past concerts. He’s a fine, fine violinist, but from a male point of view? He’s no Anna Phoebe.

Aaaaaannnyhow. Before the show we’ll be trying out this place:

for dinner. (Go ahead, check out the link & their menu, I’ll wait . . . . . . .)

I think they may be having a little identity crisis, don’t you?. They claim to do Cajun cuisine, but isn’t Beale St. a famous BBQ strip in Memphis?

Maybe I shouldn’t be so picky and just shut up and eat my Jambalaya or Etoufee, or maybe even just a shrimp po’ boy.

Before all of that though, I really have to stop by the sporting goods store and get my hunting license for this year. Opening day is the 20th. I have that weekend and Thanksgiving morning as guaranteed hunting days, but it would be VERY prudent to be legal first.

I gotta cut lunch short so I can get some pesky work stuff out of the way. I’d love to sneak out a little early tonight.

If I manage to grab some decent shots of the show I’ll post them over the weekend. Say a prayer for my ears!


2 responses

  1. maria

    your wife is very lucky.

    November 12, 2010 at 5:11 pm

  2. GG

    I heard great things about this show. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

    November 14, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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