Always tweaking something!

We’re Honoring Who?

Day 2272

To those of you who have served our country in the Armed Fores, thank you. It’s an honor to be associated with such a fine bunch of people.

Time for my yearly rant.


Know who has today off? School kids, teachers, government employees, bank employees and a few other assorted groups.

Know who’s working today? Lots & lots of veterans, unless they’re in one of the above mentioned groups of people.

So tell me again how it is that giving school kids, teachers & government & bank employees the day off is honoring those who have served our country?

I can get a free car wash today, IF I can prove my veterans status. That means I have to go home and dig up my DD214 (discharge papers), then stop by one of two car washes that are providing the service. Yeah, I’m all over that.

Want to really honor the vets? Give THEM the day off and make everybody else go to work. School kids too. They get enough full & half days for superintendent workshops & parent teacher conferences; they don’t need MORE time out of class.

If we can’t arrange to give veterans the day off, then eliminate the day off for those who haven’t earned it. Take a minute at 11:00 to reflect on the significance of the day, (Armistice Day) and get on with our lives.


Well, THAT didn’t make me feel any better at all. At least it’s bowling night tonight. Maybe I’ll throw 11 strikes in a row. That wouldn’t suck. 12 would be better, but I’d be thrilled with 11. I just can’t imaging ME throwing that many strikes consecutively. My knees get all rubbery after 5 or 6 and it gets increasingly difficult to maintain speed, balance, arm swing – you know, all those things you need to bowl well. In theory, al you have to do is think about THIS shot. Just throw THIS ball as well as you can. But the knowledge of what happened on the previous shots (hopefully a boat load of strikes) rather poisons the whole “stay in the moment” process.

Know what else? Day light savings is done. It’s actually light out around 6:45 in these parts. Plus, it’s supposed to warm up a bit over the next few days. As a matter of fact, Friday nights low temp is supposed to be only 40. (We’ll take that around here). That means that if I get off my duff and fix my bikes rear tire, I just might be able to ride to spin class Saturday morning. Granted, it’ll be only 40, but if you pedal hard enough you can generate enough heat to stay warm. As long as it isn’t windy.

If I do ride to class Saturday, it’ll still leave me about 60 miles short of my 1000 mile goal for this year. With deer season opening next week and winter ready to start any minute now (except for this weekend), I’m having trouble seeing where I’m going to wedge in 60 more miles. Have to make next years goal 1500 miles I suppose.

Off to the zoo. Have to work up version #6 of the latest P.I.T.A. project, only to risk having it all blown away at a 4pm managers meeting. Oh, joy.


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