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I Want My MTV?

Day 2259

Before I get to the title, I have to unload a quickie about this douchebag driver I ran across yesterday.

As I was getting on the expressway yesterday morning, I made my way up the acceleration ramp and was getting ready to merge into the right lane. To my left, in the right lane, I saw the front bumper of a white pick-up truck. This truck was all done up as a construction/electrical contractor vehicle – big equipment boxes on the back, ladder racks, etc.

I was doing about 50 as I neared the end of the ramp and was easily keeping pace with the truck. I tried accelerating a little more so I could slide in front of him, but the driver of this truck managed to accelerate with me, keeping pace. With me running out of ramp room, I had little choice but to slow down, let him get past me, then slide in behind him.

This was when I found out that this truck had plenty of room to move into the next (middle) lane and let me in. Why he didn’t I’ll never know.

Anyhow. After I got on the expressway (finally), I made my way over to the left lane so I could pick up my next exit. As I am watching in my rear view mirror, Mr. Construction Truck Driver decides that NOW is a good time to move over a lane, so he does. No signal (it’s the law ya know), going slower than surrounding traffic and cutting off some other driver in his new lane. Drivers like that just irritate me. They drive like there is no one else on the road, like nothing they do will have an impact on any of the other people flying around at 60 mph.

Wish we could give out citizens citations for dick head drivers. Pile up enough citations and your license would get restricted until you took, at your own expense, a 40 hour polite driving course. Too bad the system would probably get abused by other crappy drivers falsely reporting incidents just for spite. Ahh well . . .

So. MTV. Heard of the shoe “Made” on MTV? Anyone over 40 probably hasn’t. I have only heard of it because I have kid in their 20’s. Anyhow. Some local gal (Vanessa or Victoria – something like that), late teens or early 20’s, has apparently been picked to have her own episode or series or what ever. I don’t know what she will be “Made” into, but part of her making it involve getting into aerobic shape apparently.

Wednesday night in spin class, they were taping her as she was doing spin class with us. Much of the time the camera woman (a skinny little thang from Brooklyn with floral print bikini underwear exposed above her very low rise jeans – is that professional?) was all up in Ms. V’s face getting close ups of her gritting her teeth and sweating. Other times she was backed off a bit getting a wider view, probably including a good chunk of the class. I think I might have gotten included in the background of several shots.

After class, we all (30+ people) were asked our names & phone numbers then asked to sign waivers or not. If we didn’t mind having our sweaty, flushed, dripping mugs displayed on national TV, we signed. IF we wanted to have our faces fuzzed out, we didn’t sign.

I signed. I was also wearing one of my Twin 6 T-shirts, so maybe I could do little free advertising for Brent & the boys. It was doing a GREAT job of soaking up some sweat. A little publicity for my favorite bike gear/t-shirt shop couldn’t hurt, eh?

So if you happen to catch MTV: Made sometime in the next year and see an episode from Rochester or the Westside YMCA and you see a guy wearing a screaming red t-shirt that reads “Cat 6” on the front – wave.

Bowling last night. Oi! First game I started out with two splits. Picked them both. Followed that up with a strike. Made the mistake of relaxing a bit because I thought I was lined up ok. NOT! Got 3 more splits that game, didn’t pick any of those and wound up shooting 34 pins below my average. My partners fared much better and as a team we ended up taking the first game. Towards the end of that first match, I did manage to make some corrections and find a more consistent line.

For the night though, I only missed my average by 15 pins. Not a horrible night, but there were 3 or 4 brain farts where I missed easy spares. Always room to improve.

Good night for the team. Earned an 8 point sweep. Started the night in 3rd place but don’t know how the teams above us did. At least we know that those behind us can’t get closer!

Settled a couple of issues with Cindy last night too. One was a concession on my part, the other was an acknowledgement on hers. My concession? Cut down to one counselor. I’d been using Annette as a sort of coach in this whole marriage counseling thing, but since she never really got Cindy’s side of the story, she was operating on limited information. Not like I was telling her any untruths, but everything was always slanted my way. So I’ll stop seeing Annette and focus on my work with Janine.

Cindy’s acknowledgement? That in spite of asking me a question and getting my answer, she’ll go on ahead doing what she wants, even if the question she asked me was about what I wanted.

Example. Sunday night we were making Greek Patty Melts for dinner (Wamb Burgers). Cindy asked my if just a salad was enough to go with the burgers. I said yes, just a salad would be plenty. She proceeded to get out some leftover fingerling potatoes to warm up in the microwave. I just let it slide.

Later, as we were wrapping up the cooking, Cindy was getting ready to start the microwave. I asked her if she was having all the potatoes. She said that she’d have a few, but thought I wanted the rest. I reminded her that I said that just a salad was plenty for me, I didn’t want the potatoes. Guess what got put back in the fridge?

Last night, I brought that episode up again. Cindy asked a question. I gave an answer. Cindy did what she thought I needed, in spite of what I really answered. What I reminded her last night: I am a guy. I am linear. You ask me what I want, I tell you what I want. No hidden agenda, no reading between the lines, no interpreting my answer. Accept what I say and act on THAT, not on what you think I want.

Tonight I’m going to work on that “favor” she owes me for moving those plants to her office at work. It’s been two weeks and she hasn’t paid up. She really doesn’t want to get a reputation for going back on her word or not paying her debts.

Supposed to be chily tonight (40’s). Hot tub is going to feel awesome.


6 responses

  1. The word douchebag in the first sentence of a post always captures my undivided attention! Yeah, the driver was definitely a…ahem…new favourite word, say it with me: douchebag!
    Very interesting about the show “Made” being taped in your spin class. I’m not sure how I would have behaved myself. I would have been like, “I need me some air time!” And yeah, I’m over 40 so I have never heard of it.

    October 29, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    • bikinfool

      You need to have kids in their late teens or early 20’s so THEY can explain the show to you. We were a little lucky. There was a 20-something on the bike next to my wife that gave us the gist of things. Otherwise? We were clueless.

      October 29, 2010 at 4:35 pm

  2. Never heard of the MTV show. Of course, I am old and I haven’t had cable in ten years!

    Ah, the power and politics of sex. Good luck with that.

    October 29, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    • bikinfool

      Re: MTV – You’re old!?! I’ve got a couple years on you sister. Lighten up youngster! If I didn’t have any 20-somethings in my life, I’d never have known what “Made” was either.

      Re: Power & politics – I have a very strong suspicion that I should file that old “debt” as uncollectable and start from sratch. Better to let go of a potential resentment rather than start a new one.

      Welcome back home too! So far your trip sounds like a really positive adventure.

      October 29, 2010 at 4:31 pm

  3. GG

    The potato and salad thing seems so simple but is actually huge isn’t it? Well, of course you know that. Mostly I’m just saying the scenario strikes me and makes me think. Learning from everyone ya know? I like how you handled it.

    October 30, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    • bikinfool

      The potato/salad event itself was an innocuous little thing. What it symbolizes of is kinda huge and I think you get that. Why ask what I want if you’re going to do what you think I want anyhow? More than that – I was asked my opinion, I gave it, it was ignored. It’s like what I said had no value.

      We talked about it Friday evening. I think she gets it. We’ll see.

      November 1, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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