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Where to Now?

Day 2252

Not like anything earth shattering has happened, but after our couples session this week, I’m wondering what’s next. That was affirmed in my session with Annette today too.

After finally declaring that A) Cindy can’t legitimately complain about lack of romance AND avoid contact, and B) she also can’t complain about my reluctance to share everything with her AND refuse to accept what I say at face value, it would appear that the ball is in her court. I’d guess that there are at least three options.

1 – Swing and miss. Completely bail out on accepting anything I said, continue on the way she is now and basically wait for me to get pissed off enough to ask for a separation.

2 – Lob back something returnable. She accepts what I said and honestly tries to incorporate some changes in her world view. There will have to be some volleying going on, but that’s all part of each of us changing and getting to know the new us.

3 – A screaming shot down the line that has no possibility of being retrieved. That would be a request for a separation really soon.

4 – A different screaming shot directed somewhere between my waist & knees. While I might get a racquet on this one and flop a return over the net, the odds that the next shot will resemble #3 are pretty high. Should I miss, I can only be happy that I’ve done my share in contributing to the next generation.

Wish I had a clue as to what the probability distribution was on these options.

Bowling last night was, hmmmmm, odd. It was a position round (1st bowls 2nd, 3rd bowls 4th, etc) so we were matched up with the ONLY team ahead of us in the standings. We got absolutely pounded in the first game. Lost by 150 pins. K & D both missed their average by 20, I was 4 pins over mine (woo-hoo!). The other team had two guys beat their own averages by 40 pins each. If you combine our -40 with their +80 and toss in the difference in handicaps (30 to them) you come up with a thorough beat down.

But we are a hardy lot, my brothers & I. We managed to get our collective acts together in the second game and we squeak out a 14 pin win. Third game we all bowled right around average or a little better while the other team collapsed towards the end. We managed a 36 pin win that game taking 4 points for the night (2 points for each game we won) and the other team took 4 points – 2 for the drubbing they administered the first game, 2 more for hanging on to win total pin fall. Ironially, we actually scored higher overall scratch, but when handicap was added in they snuck by us.

D’s average probably went up, mine went up a little over a pin and K is coming back down to earth after averaging 238 for the first 2 weeks. Silly boy – I warned him he ought to shoot something sustainable. He’s probably down to a 210 average. I think he could hang at 200 and has a good shot at it this year. Me? 190 & climbing. Shot a 594 last night (198 average) and felt cheated. Of the 3 splits I had, I felt 2 were undeserved (but I picked one of them, so it didn’t suck completely), and there were two or three shots where I just can’t understand how anything was left standing. I really thought I had 10 to beam up on a few occasions and a single pin managed to avoid the transporter beam. Those pins I really try to break during the spare shot. Never do, but it makes me feel better.

It’s about 48 degrees here today. Cindy is off to an AA meeting tonight, so I thought I’d make a batch of soup or dinner. When that’s done & simmering on the stove, I just might strip down and go hang out in the hot tub & wait for Cindy to get home. Maybe that’ll make it easier for her to decide on her return shot. When is sunset tonight?


2 responses

  1. Well, out here it’s around 6:30. Have a good soak, and good luck!

    October 22, 2010 at 10:08 pm

  2. GG

    Hopefully it is #2. It calls for a hell of a lot of emotional maturity to do #2. Sending you the strength to field whatever comes over that net.

    October 22, 2010 at 11:32 pm

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