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Day 2148

It’s been just a mess around here lately. Between the rush to get ready for the trip, the trip itself and now the rush to get caught up from taking the time off, it’s hard to find the bandwidth to just sit and chill.

So. A little catch up time. The Monday before our trip (this would be the 4th) the water heater died. Got that replaced. Glad I can do that sort of thing, because the price of the water heater alone caused my bank accounts to shrivel & pucker!

The weekend immediately prior to that, I replaced our front door. Mostly. Yes, the old door unit is out, the new door unit is in. But none of the inside trim work is complete, and the outside trim only got painted this past weekend. I still really want to replace the shingles that butt up against the door frame, but that’s more work than I want to tackle at the moment. There’s plenty more stuff in the wings with higher priority at the moment.

There are 500+ pictures fro our trip to sift through. They should be sorted, categorized, weeded out, etc. I just don’t know when that’s going to happen. I do have a few to share here, but even that will have to wait a bit.

Got flat tire #4 on my bike. That needs fixing too, but there’s that whole bandwidth thing. I’m 85 miles short of my goal. That’s just less than 5 round trips to work. The problem now is weather. If it isn’t raining, the temps are only in the 40’s early in the morning, and light is an issue too. I can light my bike up like a Christmas tree, but that doesn’t always repel car bumpers. Plus there’s counseling sessions on Tuesday and bowling on Thursday. Those are guaranteed no ride days. Opportunities are few & fleeting.

Bowling. Did so-so the night before our trip. Ended up maybe 20 pins over average for the night. The latest Thursday (the 14th) was insane. I bowled 40 pins over average, as a team we bowled right around our average overall, but we got our butts handed to us. The other team was bowling insane. As an example – for the 3 game set I bowled 600 on the dot. That was the low series on our pair by 30 pins. It’s pretty rare that a 600 gets left in the dust. (Unless you’re bowling against Lefty who ended up shooting 708 or something like that, but I’m used to it.) Teamwise, we started the evening in 1st place, but after the pounding we took, it’s difficult to say where we’ll wind up this week. I have made a few discoveries that seem to have helped my first shot accuracy and pin reaction. Instead of my usual 10 – 12 strikes per 30 frames, I was up to 19 last week. The downside is that mistakes lead to splits. Splits lead to open frames, and those do not help your score. But more strikes is hard to argue with. Just gotta keep it up.

Autumn here in upstate NY is a gorgeous time of year. But this year has been odd. Our young-ish sugar maple in the front yard has already finished dropping it’s leaves. Other folks sugar maples are only just starting. The big green ash in front is just starting to turn, but the dozen or so ash trees in Zach’s back yard are nearly leafless already.

Possibly the most bizarre occurrence so far are the colors showing up on one of the Norway Maples in our back yard. In the past, we were lucky if these guys managed to crank out a nice golden yellow hue. It usually seemed that the leaves would just turn a flat, pale yellow/green and fall to the ground.

This year we are being treated to a rainbow of colors. Here’s a sample:

Nice spread for one leaf!

Here’s a sampling of leaves:

All from one tree! That bronzy color is a real treat, as are the purple tints. I’ve just never seen this tree do all these colors. I’m guessing that it’s at least partly due to the ginormous Silver Maple being gone. This tree is now getting tons more light and that may be accounting for the new color display. If it happens next year, I may actually start to believe it. (The green leaf? Normal summer coloring. Really!)

Here’s a little shot from our big burning bush:

These bushes typically go scarlet every fall. I had just never noticed the little orange berries before. Wonder how many of these will be processed by the local birds and left as little gifts on my truck windshield? At least it’ll be colorful!


2 responses

  1. GG

    Loving the fall color!

    October 18, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    • bikinfool

      The colors are all weird this year. Timing is off, colors are different, it’s been a weird year.

      October 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm

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