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Random Dozen # 1,000,002

Day 2229

Go see Linda for the details!

1. Do you believe, somewhere deep inside, that blondes do indeed have more fun? That they are “dumber” than brunettes or redheads? Be honest!

NO, No, no. What is inside the head holding that hair is much more important in determining fun & intelligence levels. Besides, I’m a brunette and I have a blast every day.

2. Which animal would you most like to observe in its wild habitat?

In about 2 weeks, the whitetail deer. If we’re not talking hunting, chimpanzees might be fun to watch.

3. This week the U.N. announced that Dr. Mazlan Othman has been appointed the official “Alien Ambassador,” should any extraterrestrials contact us. Have you, or has anyone you know, ever seen a UFO?

Not that I’m aware of. I do believe life exists somewhere out in the universe, but given the distances and odds that recognizable life has taken hold on another planet, it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet in my lifetime. This isn’t an episode of Star Trek ya know.

4. Name your favorite Hitchcock film.

Ummmm – Sadly I don’t recall ever sitting down to watch one beginning to end. I’ve seen bits & pieces of several. If I had to pick, I would say “Through the Rear Window”. I have a weakness for Jimmy Stewart.

5. Would you rather spend time at the library, the mall, a craft store or home?

I’m conflicted. I like spending quiet time at home. I like the library and I don’t get there near often enough. But I guess I’d RATHER be home than the library, because the innerwebz can provide nearly as much entertainment as the library.

6. Which Disney princess is your favorite? (Or Disney character, if you are a guy)

Pumbaa – the warthog from “The Lion King”. Gotta show a little love for the hogs.

7. What kind of art is your favorite?

Tough question, but I think, due to my mother-in-laws hobby, I am drawn to impressionist & realist oil paintings.

8. How do you feel about viral videos, that is, videos made by amateurs that end up on Youtube receiving thousands of hits?

Like this? (It’s G rating grade)

Pixels from Patrick JEAN on Vimeo.</p

I generally don’t spend much time at all watching this stuff. Sometimes someone sends me an interesting one (like the one above) and I’ll pass it along.

9. Where do you buy your jeans?

Last jeans I bought were the WalMart Levi’s.

10. Tell me about your first automobile accident.

I was 22. Driving my wife of 1 month’s 1975 Ford Pinto from college to a Heathkit (think Radio Shack) store to buy some parts for a school project. I was waiting in the left turn lane of a very busy 4 lane road when I got rear ended by Dodge Monaco that was rear ended by a big honkin delivery truck.

That particular Pinto had had the gas tank fixed, so we didn’t burst into flames. The rear end got pretty well krinkled. I put on a temporary tail light so we could drive it. Ended up trading it in on a new Pontiac. Got $1050 trade in value and $950 from the insurance company for the damages. Only paid $750 for the car to start with.

11. Have you ever been honest when you knew you would benefit more if you would be dishonest?

Many times. It’s a lesson I learned very well early in life. As a teen in gym class, I got caught. We were playing volleyball. Third game of the class – the tie breaker. It was nearing the end of the class and the coach declared the current point to be the final, winner takes all point. I was playing back left corner when someone from the opposing team spiked one just in front of me to my left. I dove but couldn’t dig the ball up. Coach, pretending to have not seen the play, (at least clearly – he did have a habit of spiking his coffee . . .) asked me if the ball landed in or out. An older student, whom I didn’t really get along with and who had a well deserved reputation as a thug, came up behind me and whispered into my ear. I told the coach that the ball landed out even though I knew it was in by at least a foot.

That lie kept me from getting into a fight with the thug, but I lost a little respect for myself that day.

12. If you were appointed "Ambassador to Aliens," what would you show and tell first about life on Earth? What would be the most difficult thing to explain?

I would try to show the range of diversity of all the life forms, not just focus on humans. The most difficult thing to explain would be how some people have accumulated massive amounts of wealth while the majority of the humans on the planet live in abject poverty. As “humanitarians” how can we allow this to happen?

After Monday nites soaking on the ride home, my bike shoes were barely dry enough to wear this (Wednesday) morning. So I did. Much nicer ride this morning in that it was 100% drier than Monday evening. Only bad part was the northerly wind. Hope the wind direction stays out of the north for this afternoon’s ride. I need to get home quickly tonight. Ordered a new front door unit (door + 2 side lites) and it came in yesterday. I need to head up to the big box home improvement store and pick that puppy up. Installing that is the #1 priority for this weekend. There shall be pictures!


6 responses

  1. It’s really fun and refreshing to read a guy’s take on this meme. Thanks for playing along. Gotta love a guy who loves Jimmy Stewart!

    September 29, 2010 at 10:02 am

    • bikinfool

      I like playing along because it gives me some insight into the kinds of things gals want to know. It really doe help a bit when dealing with my own better half.

      And who doesn’t like Jimmy Stewart? You GOTTA like Jimmy Stewart. (At least Miracle on 34th St. for Pete’s sake!)

      September 29, 2010 at 11:37 am

  2. Nel

    Good answers. Nice to get a guy’s perspective! And your right who couldn’t like Jimmy Stewart. I even have my grandbaby looking forward to our time of watching Miracle on 34th Street. Thanks for sharing.
    until next time… nel

    September 29, 2010 at 1:18 pm

  3. Great answers, Brian! I really enjoy reading the answers from a guy’s perspective.

    Oh, and I agree with you about the internet…it really is like a library on a massive scale!

    September 29, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    • bikinfool

      @ Cindy – Hope you’re feeling better soon! I just finished batting the sinus demon. Never so glad to be rid of something.

      Lighter hair is definitely a good match for your skin tone. You look great as a blond.

      I forgot about Grace Kelly in Rear Window! How could I DO that??

      September 29, 2010 at 4:09 pm

  4. The video was good…I haven’t seen that one before.
    Pumba’s a good choice….he had lots of personality!

    September 29, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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