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Well That Was Fun

Day 2224

Wow. Did we ever catch a break at bowling last night. K was out so he could attend the family’s funeral & wake for Grandma Hattie. Being mere in-laws of Hattie’s grand-daughter relieved D & I of attending either event. Plus we both went to calling hours to pay our respects and offer condolences, so I think we covered all our duties in that regard.

Where the luck came in was in how the bowling turned out. With K absent, we got to use his average -10 pins as his score for each game. So that’s like a 10 pin penalty each game. The other team had a bowler missing as well, but he ‘pre-bowled’ and the bowling center had his scores available. His scores were on average, 30 pins over his posted average. That left us about 40 pins behind before we even threw the first ball. On top of that, we were in 2nd place at 14 -2, and we were bowling the first place team (who was 16 – 0).

First game, D struggled to find a line. I did ok, shooting a few pins over average. D ended up about 40 below. As a team, we lost by 76 or something. Ominous beginning. In the second game, D & I both lit it up. D had 258, I had 226 and we got K’s 184. Still only won that game by 36 or so.

Third game D’s line was holding up, I was doing really well till right at the end and the other team was struggling mightily. In my opinion, they both throw the ball too slow and can be victimized by shifting oil patterns on the lanes. If you keep the speed up, it’s just a matter of adjusting where you get in & out of the oil (mostly out of the oil) to set up where the ball starts to turn. Personally, I have no problem with the speed part.

Anyhow, they tanked, we held up ok and won the third game by nearly 70 which was more than enough to take totals too. We end the night at 20 – 4, the ex-1st place team slides to 18 – 6. There were also two other teams tied with us in 2nd, but I have no idea how they did. Worst case we stay in 2nd. Or maybe move to third if there was some sort of freakish tie game (possible, but rare). In any event, K will be glad to know that D & I held up just fine without him. Next week, we’ll make sure to tease him mercilessly about how he’s been slacking I his support of the team. He expects it, you can be sure.

Actually, I’ll start the razzing tomorrow. We’re all headed to an engagement party for the kids at Kelly’s parents place north of Syracuse. Well, except for D. D & his missus are headed to South Bend to watch their daughter at the football game. She’s in the Notre Dame Marching Band dontcha know. Keep your eye out for the cutest alto sax player in the ND band. That’ll be Mags. My opinion is biased, of course. But she’s STILL the cutest alto sax player in the band.

Had a lovely bike ride in to work this morning. Got a bit of a tail wind from a light southwest breeze to help speed me along. That same breeze will help boost temps here to near 90 today. That’s insanely hot for late September. Tha bad part is thet the winds will be up near 25mph in the afternoon and I’ll be riding into them every inch of the 8.2 mile ride home. Guess that will make it one heck of a work out. Guess who’s soaking in the hot tub when he gets home? The neighbors better have their shades down. I may just peel out of my clothes right on the patio and hop in.

Better get to work before the weekend gets here. I have to earn that soak!


2 responses

  1. I didn’t think you were supposed to wear clothes in a hot tub?

    I love bowling. Maybe we can join a league when our kids get older. 🙂

    September 24, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    • bikinfool

      If it’s still daylight out, we like to do the neighbors a favor and not whip the suits off till we get in. Their family room has a pretty clear view of our patio. They’re good neighbors, but not that good.

      Bowling is a blast. This league has some really good bowlers in it, but the prize fund is pretty low. Makes it more of a fun league. Guys don’t take it quite so serious, everyone still bowls well, but we’re all there to have a good time. It’s a good stress reliever too!

      September 24, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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