Always tweaking something!

How to Pull Something Good out of . . .

Day 2216

What a day yesterday.  My internal dialog was just chattering away, running through ALL the possible outcomes of Tuesday nights ‘sharing my feelings’ session.  Twice.  Some I think I can live with quite easily.  Others I can live with, but it will take some adjustment time.  Still others I simply can’t tolerate and will have to work to avoid heading down those paths.

It’s like I have the beginnings of 6 or 8 flow charts in my head – or one flow chart with too many “if/then” blocks.  Need to simplify the choices.

Anyhow.  My favorite bike shop was having a ‘moving the business’ sale.  They were offering 25% off most everything, tubes were buy one get one free, and everybody got a free water bottle.  Thing is, the sale was from 4pm to 9pm.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but I wanted to get to spin class at 6:15.  Couldn’t get out of work till 5 at the earliest and the shop not on the way home (yet – it will be after they move!!)

Didn’t ride my bike in to work because – oh hell, I have three or four excuses.  But at least I was driving, which is good because it’s faster.  Got home, checked the rear tire on my bike.  I’d put a Scab patch on it (that’s a name brand – Scab) and wanted to see if it held.  I’d made one round trip to the Y on it already (8.5 miles) but had heard that scabs were really more to ‘get you home’ – not a permanent fix.

Guess it’s true.  My back tire was a little squishy – much softer than what I ride at.   (with 700C x 25 tires, I ride at 120psi)  So?  Rather than ride to the Y, I decided to pack my gym bag and drive there, then I could scoot up to the bike shop and still catch the sale because I obviously needed at least some tubes.

Now, it’s been a while since I actually used my gym bag.  I did manage to throw in shorts & a shirt, grabbed a towel and checked the soap & shampoo.  Also refreshed my memory of what my lock combo was.  Grabbed my bag, headed downstairs, got my sale invite thingy for the bike shop and headed out.  Got to the driveway and headed back inside to grab my bike shoes only to discover that I’d already put them in my bag.  Sweet!

Once at the gym, I headed for the locker room to change.  That’s when a chain of realizations started to spring forth.

A – no fresh underwear.  So after spinning & sweating like a pig, I’d have to wear the same old briefs after showering.  No, going commando was not an option.  Not in jeans at least.

B – no gym socks.  Not such a big deal, I just wore my bike shoes with no socks.  Not comfy, but no harm done.

C – No water bottle.  Also, not a big deal.  I could get a bottle of Gatorade for $1.75, I just needed change for a $10.

D – Went to the desk, got my ticket for spin class and asked the desk clerk for change for the vending machines.  Could not understand the look on her face until I looked down at my hand and saw I was holding a single, NOT the $10 I thought I grabbed.  Went back to the locker room, grabbed some actual money and headed back out.

Fifteen minutes after arriving at the gym, I was actually ready to go.  Incredible.

The good things to come out of this?  Got in a good workout.  Also did a teensy bit of networking.  Our couples therapist is opening her own practice.  She’s signed a lease for her own space (a 4200 sq. ft. former rectory in the village) and is lining up people to join her.  Janine is a licensed holistic nurse, psychotherapist and something else – I don’t recall.  She wants to make use of all that, plus have pilates, yoga and zumba classes, aroma therapy and massage therapy.  She has yet to find a licensed massage therapist though.

But you know what?  The spin instructor at last nights class is an LMT.  She also spends 3 days a week in the village where Janine will be having her practice.  So last night after class I stopped by and chatted up Maria, the spin instructor, and left her Janine’s contact info.  She sounded genuinely interested, so maybe something good will come of this.

Did pretty good at the bike shop sale too.  Got me free 28 oz water bottle, picked up a CO2 tire filling kit, 2 tubes for my road bike and spare tubes for my old Raleigh and Cindy’s Cruiser.  All at sale prices.

And?  I still managed to stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up some necessities AND get dinner rolling before Cindy got back from her (hopefully) AA meeting.  (Yeah – for all I know she could be going out & sitting in a parking lot for an hour.  I don’t think so,  but it’s possible)

What was for dinner you ask?  Rib eyes, grilled asparagus & rice pilaf.  Now I have the stinky asparagus pee.  (Scroll down to the end of the article)  Here’s another article on it.

To sum up – what good happened in spite of yesterdays little chain of mishaps?

Got in a good workout.  With Gatorade instead of water.

Might have found an LMT for my therapists new practice.

Might have found some new business for the spin instructor.

Got a pretty good deal at the bike shop

Took steps to improve my self sufficiency in recovering from flats while riding.

Got to have some grilled asparagus

Bowling tonight!!  My thumb is still a wreck, but at least I know I can switch equipment and throw the ball comfortably.


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