Always tweaking something!

Day 2213

This will be a quick hitter.  Got home from work.  Got the flat tube  from last week replaced on my road bike.  Rode to spin class, sweated buckets there and rode home.

Tangent #1 – When it’s in the 60’s and you’re cruising along in a sopping wet t-shirt at near 20 mph, you have a PERFECT example of evaporative cooling.   Wow.

So I got home in one piece.  In spite of the early evaporative cooling, my skin was leaking sweat profusely.  Got in the house, peeled off my bike shoes, t-shirt & socks.  Grabbed a mug of ice water and headed for the back porch.

It was starting to get dark and our porch is pretty well sheltered, so I didn’t think twice about peeling off my biking shorts (tangent #2 – what an improvement!) right out there on the porch so I could get my swim suit on.  I was intent on heading for the hot tub for a nice soak & a little water massage.  Except I apparently offended mother nature.  As I was pulling up my swim suit, I noticed a deer bounding away from the porch towards the woods that borders the neighbors yard.  Before the doe disappeared into the woods, she turned back and glanced one last time towards the porch.

Geeze.  Sorry.  I’ll get changed inside from now on, OK?


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