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Thus We Begin

Day 2210

Welcome to the Follow Friday 40 & Over bloggers!

Yeah, so bowling started last night. Knew I was in trouble in warm ups. Could not get my thumb to come out of the ball cleanly. Resorted to using talc to help with the friction. I don’t like to use it because it has to be re-applied nearly every shot to maintain its effectiveness.

Anyhow. First shot out of the gate? The big 7-10 split. Ominous beginning. Ended up with 3 splits that game but somehow salvaged a whopping 168.

Second game wasn’t much better. That hanging thumb deal really prevents you from delivering the ball correctly resulting in poor roll, worse accuracy and lousy pin reaction. I did eke out a whole 177 the second game, but the thumb was still a huge issue.

After the first shot of the 3rd game resulted in another split (5th in 21 frames – NOT good), I had the bright idea of checking out my old ball. Much to my delight, the thumb hole on my old ball was drilled larger (thanks to weighing something like 260bs when I bought it) so I gave it a whirl.

What an improvement! Even though my old ball is an older technology, older material, and not drilled for the same type of roll, just getting out of the thumb hole cleanly improved the roll so drastically that the old guy way out performed the newer one. Things went so much better that after starting -30 to my average after two games, I ended the evening only -10. For a bonus, my right thumb is still attached to my hand and it doesn’t look too much worse for the wear.

An additional bonus was being able to hop in the hot tub afterwards and soak those muscles that haven’t seen any kind of action like that for the past 4 months. Our outdoor temps are slipping down into the lower 60’s now too. That makes it really neat in the tub with the water vapor hanging in the air over the tub while those tired muscles are soaking in the warmth.

So. Last years closing average was 186 per game, or 558 for a 3 game set. Last night ended up at 548. We have two more weeks of bowling using last years averages for our team handicaps, so there’s plenty of time to get back into the rhythm.

My brothers? K averaged 196 last year. Last night? 222 average. D averaged 226 last year (yeah, he’s a machine on the lanes!). Last night? 239. It’s very humbling bowling with my younger brothers. But we have an excellent time & loads of fun. That’s what matters most.

Still have to have that little sit down with Cindy. It’s set up for tonight. I can’t wait.


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