Always tweaking something!

All Thumbs

Day 2209

Linda, over at Second Cup suggested that I add “Nothing” as a bullet item on my “To Do” list.  Heh.  I actually already had it on my list.  First item.  Never got it crossed off.  See here:

Yep.  Never got to ‘Nothing’.  Gotta work on that.

I mentioned that bowling starts today right?  Here’s the thumb on my left hand:

If you can’t make it out, it looks perfectly normal.

Now.  Here’s my right thumb.  Apparently on crack.  Go see:

That reddish area on the right?  That’s a new crack.  It’s even bigger now.  Above & to the left of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a yellow/brown spot.  That’s an old crack that’s growing out and getting ready to peel off.   This is with 4 months of now bowling and fairly regular drowning in Eucerin ‘Plus Intensive Repair’ lotion.  Doesn’t seem to be able to soak in.

I usually avoid commenting on politics & religion, but I have to make an exception this time.  That yahoo down in Florida that’s’ making a big deal of burning a Quran on 9/11 is asking for nothing but trouble.  It’s even more disturbing that this is a clergyman proposing this act.  Isn’t an act like this the antithesis of what he should be teaching?  Seems like a real poor choice for honoring those that lost their lives in the terrible events of that day.   That whole “eye for an eye” deal only leaves you two blind people with the same old issues.

No more politics/religion for the foreseeable future.

Cindy’s unusually quiet.  Seems like she’s expecting something to hit the fan.  I think that will happen Thursday or Friday night.  Nothing dramatic on my part, just an explanation of my actions & motivations on some recent evenings.  I know there are nights she feels I withdrew.  There are other nights where I also withdrew but she was too far into her cups to really notice.  I just need to remind her that I get to make choices about whom I associate with.  If she chooses to drink to excess, I choose to not associate with her.  It’s that simple.  I just need to try and anticipate all the denials, blame shifting and diversionary tactics I’ve seen before.

Third (or 4th or 5th) time’s a charm, right?


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