Always tweaking something!

Not What I Planned, x a gazillion

Day 2205

Got up late Saturday morning.  Didn’t make it to the early spin class.  That was oops #1.

Did make it to the 9am class.  Unfortunately, I rolled in on my bike only 5 or 10 minutes before class.  The wind this morning was brutal.  Easily 15mph with 25+ gusts out of the west, which is of course the way I need to go to get to the Y.  I figured to get my payback on the way home.   I had NO idea what was in store.

Spin class was good.  Had a substitute instructor, but she’s been a pretty regular sub and she does an excellent class.  This gal kicks some serious booty.  Even better?  Except for the very highest resistance bits, she does everything she asks the class to do.   Gotta respect that.  I can barely breathe after some of the big pushes.  The instructor not only has to breathe, but they have to talk too.  Need to be in some kind of shape to pull that off.

Anyhow.  After class I stopped to grab a cup of coffee.  Turns out that was a mistake.  I take my little demi-tasse cup of java and head outside to get my bike unlocked and get situated for the ride home.   Stowed my towel, keys, water bottle & cable lock.  Finished my coffee, donned my brain bucket and headed home.   At the first intersection (a “T” actually), I had to stop and wait for the light to change.  At this particular junction, there are 2 left turn lanes and one right turn lane.  I am straddling the line between the rightmost left turn lane and the right turn lane.  Light turns green, I push off.  The car in the lane to my immediate left prevents me from cutting the turn short.  I have to swing wide, and I know there’s a mess of broken glass on the shoulder pretty much in line with my path.  I slowed up, let the car (finally) pull ahead of me and steered clear of the glass.

Or so I thought.  As I was heading due east with a stiff wind at my back, I was amazed at how difficult it was to get up to & stay at around 23 – 24 mph.   As I made a right turn to head south, I learned why.  Flat rear tire. Suh-weet!  Being that the trip to the Y is only 4.2 miles and I’d rather not have to wear a back pack, I have nothing to help me.  My towel takes up 95% of my saddle wedge.  My keys, tire levers and an unused headlight take up the rest.  What do I not have?  I do not have a spare tube, a patch kit, a pump,  CO2 cylinder OR A CELL PHONE.

So there I was at mile 1.1 of a 4.2 mile ride.  Had no option but to start walking.  I figured that Cindy would be by soon and she’d stop & pick me up.  after all, as I was leaving class she was up front gassing with the instructor.  She was surely still behind me.

Know when I saw Cindy?  About 45 minutes later, just as I was turning into our street.  She left the Y while I was getting my coffee.  She not only wasn’t behind me, she was so far ahead of me I couldn’t even see her tail lights.   She’d gotten home, turned on the TV and watched the end of one show on HGTV, then watched another complete 30 minute show when her curiosity & concern finally got the better of her and she started to backtrack our route to the Y.  I ended up getting a much better workout than I had planned.   5 miles of biking, 60 minutes of spin class and about a 5K walk.  Heckuva morning.

Best part was that I can laugh about it.  Completely my fault.  Should have been better prepared.  I take everything I need to fix a flat on longer rides, and I always make sure to take my phone.  I guess that now, even for short trips I ought to pack all that stuff.

On the plus side, I found a patch of Pampas grass that is seeding out now.  The awns have this gorgeous burgundy hue to them.  I need to stop back by that place and cut a few dozen stalks to bring home.  Dried, they will make a great arrangement for filling in a dead corner in the living room.  (I know – I totally embraced my inner gay guy with that.   Scary, huh?)

Off to tackle weekend chores.  If I can get a lot accomplished today I can save tomorrow for skinny dipping in the hot tub.  Hope the neighbors are headed to their cottage!


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