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Back in the Saddle, Sort of

Day 2202

August was a slacker month for biking. We did some moderate biking on our trip to Maine, I snuck in 30 miles at the reunion with my cousin (well, Cindy’s cousin’s husband, but that’s too convoluted), and I did ride to spin class at least 2 times a week. But outside of one trip out to Zach & Jill’s to get their mail while they were on vacation, I haven’t done anything longer than the 4.25 mile one way trip to the Y.

Never rode in to work once the entire month. I even used work as the excuse! If I have to take my laptop home to pretend to work on stuff, that exempts me from riding my bike in the following day. The typical weekly pattern would go like this:

Monday: Can’t ride in because I have to transport my laptop back in.

Tuesday: No point in riding in because of our appointment with the couples therapist. It’s 15 miles to see her, then a 7 mile trip to my Al Anon meeting followed by a 12.5 mile ride home. At night. People also don’t want to see or smell me when I’m all hot & sweaty from riding.

Wednesday: Either rain or an appointment with my 1 on 1 therapist.

Thursday: Meetings after work again. I can’t show up at a bowling alley in biking shorts. Those guys just can’t let go of a moment that precious.

Friday: Need to bring my laptop home for the weekend, can’t be riding in knowing that.

Then there’s weather, these dang headaches keeping me up at night and plain old laziness. But this morning, or last night maybe, I finally made up my mind to skip dragging the laptop home. (My dog & pony show went too well. Now that the pitch is done and the idea approved, the real work can begin!) That left me PC-less with a gorgeous weather forecast for today. I even managed to get up early enough to allow for the slightly longer ride in and the cooling shower afterwards.

Yes, we have a locker room & shower here at work. I wouldn’t ride in otherwise.

This mornings trip was 8.22 miles in 24:57 of actual pedaling time. Not a bad time really. Looking forward to the ride home tonight. Uphill, away from Lake Ontario and usually into the wind. Ok, so I lied a little about looking forward to the return trip. But I only logged 120ish miles in August – need to at least double that for September.

Tonight, I plan on having dinner with a gorgeous younger woman. Cindy will be chaperoning a soccer event at school, and my gorgeous younger woman’s husband has to head out of town for work. So we will take advantage of the situation. So while my wife & son are off doing worky things, I get to enjoy a nice quiet meal with our daughter-in-law. (Bet you thought I was stepping out a little, huh?) I have a feeling the topic of discussion will drift over to the NEW daughter-in-law to be. Jill & Kelly get along fabulously and I am sure the two of them will have a blast being sisters in law. Neither of them has a biological sister, so this will be a good thing for both of them. It’s also fortunate that they get along so well because Zach & Eric are pretty tight as brothers go. Matter of fact, yesterday afternoon while Eric was busy filling me in on the news, Jill & Kelly were also on the phone, yammering away with each other. I’m sure they have tons of things planned. Peas in a pod those two.

The ironic thing here? Assuming Eric & Kelly get married next year, it’s likely that when it does happen, Jill & Kelly’s ages will add up to equal Cindy’s age. I lovingly informed Cindy of this last night. She made a joking comment about how nice it WASN’T of me to point that out. My bail out? I reminded her that it wouldn’t be until NEXT year before she could say that about me & the boys.

I still feel hypocritical about desiring Cindy to give up drinking all together. I mean, I drink, but limit it to maybe 3 or 4 beers a week. There are occasions where I’ll exceed this, there are even occasions where I’ll go a little overboard, but those times are increasingly rare. But the more she drinks, the less I want to. If we end up on opposite ends of the spectrum again, the decision will be much easier to make. She’s having her second chance now and I feel it slipping away. She’s in denial about her problem and thinks she can control it. My job is to be more proactive in declaring my boundaries, even if she is under the influence. Maybe Janine can help me sort some of this out and help me communicate it with Cindy.


2 responses

  1. (Stopping by from FADKOG’s place)……I have to laugh at the reasons to not bike. I’m the exact same way about exercise. There’s always a reason not to!

    September 4, 2010 at 9:24 am

    • bikinfool

      Hi there! Any friend of the FADKOG is welcome here too.
      I have a new excuse to not ride – I got a flat this morning. No spare tube, no pump, no cell phone. Ended up walking most of the way home after spin class. Kinda snuck in a nice little 5K walk. Grrrr . . .

      September 4, 2010 at 12:10 pm

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