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Day – What ever 6 years and 5 days (with one Leap Year) equals {2196?}

Oh yes – it’s Friday!!

So here I sit, on a lovely Friday morning, pulling garage sale sole proprietor duty. The sun is shining, I’ve got the radio playing in the background, and some great people watching opportunities have already come & gone. I’ll try doing a live drive by of the folks that stop in and check out my stuff. Well, nearly live.

I do have to (well, not HAVE to, but I can’t resist) relate one people watching event from last Sunday. Leaving Wegmans before the REO/Benatar show, we saw this elderly lady in the vestibule. She was leaning heavily on her cart as she was headed for the door. That in itself wasn’t so odd, but the fact that she was the victim of a nuclear scale sharting incident was. In white polyester pants no less. I felt so bad for her, but also wondered if she realized what had happened. Maybe she thought it didn’t show?

Back to today.

Early-ish this morning, a lady stops by. She was driving one of those humungous vans – about 20 feet long. Turns out it was from a day care and it was literally loaded with kids. She bought an area rug and other assorted odds & ends. What was remarkable about her though, was her jeans. They were unzipped top to bottom and her FUPA was plainly evident. Well, that and the fact she was going commando. If she weren’t built along the lines of a Teddy Bear it might have been moderately interesting, but as it was, I was hoping her friend was going to notice and have her close up shop. No such luck.

What is it with people having ‘excursions’ going on with their pants and them not noticing? Or is it that they just don’t care? No respect for peoples eyes is what it is. Some stuff you just can’t “un-see”.

More to come if interesting folks roll along. Hopefully without issues with their pants.

Noon update

Met a ‘special’ guy and his handler. Learned his name was BJ. He was tagging along with Ben, who is apparently his social worker, case worker, baby sitter, caretaker, or one or all of the aforementioned. BJ was interested in everything, but had no money. Wanted to know what was free. Ben was looking for deals and ended up getting a couple area rugs and a photo printer. BJ wanted me to remember him from his hockey playing days as a youth, some 15 years ago. Yah, right. I got the feeling BJ was pretty intelligent, just sorely lacking in social skills. Ben, his caretaker, looked like he was just trying to get out & about, see some people capable of carrying on a conversation. He also looked just a little tired of dealing with BJ and explaining the rules to him over & over. Poor guy. I gave him a deal on his stuff.


A little (4’9″ on a good day) 80+ year old bundle of energy showed up, interested in the carpet remnant I had out by the curb. Thought she could have it cut down to fit her breezeway or somesuch. She asked if I could stuff it in her car. After she emptied the trunk of stuff she’d gotten at the dollar store. Looks like she had several months worth of squirreling good buys in her trunk. I got the carpet stuffed in, she promised me her son would haul it out. Traded me two rolls of paper towels for the carpet remnant I was throwing out. In hindsight, I think she was a bit of a hoarder. Yep. A bit of a hoarder and a little bit of a kook. I get the feeling she’ll be back tomorrow. Reminds me of Hety from NCIS: Los Angeles. But not quite as on top of things.


Hety stopped back. She lied to me. She pulled that carpet remnant out herself. I think it out weighed her. She wanted to know how big the carpet was. Coulda swore I told her twice while she was here the first time. Ah well. That poor Pontiac G6 of hers may never be the same.


2 responses

  1. Speaking of letting it all hang out at the Dollar Store (which you weren’t, at least not together) I saw a sight the other evening and I was like “Can you not feel the breeze? This woman was there with her perfectly nicely dressed daughter, who looked to be in her early twenties, and I guess now that you say something – she could have been a social worker and not a daughter at all. But this woman obviously had no mirrors in her home.

    August 27, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    • bikinfool

      Heee! I like the “no mirrors in her home”. I’m sure stores down your way have the A/C cranked too. They do here and we’re only in the 70’s! But tell me you can’t feel that blowing through the barn door? Gotta be nerve damage.

      August 27, 2010 at 3:24 pm

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