Always tweaking something!

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Day 2178

We did as much as we could, but it still wasn’t enough. We’ll just have to go back and do more.

The vacation itinerary:

7/30 – Leave for the family reunion. Learned that Brownell Road in Cambridge is NOT the same as the road we needed to be on. Damn my Garmin for being so picky about town names. I plugged in the town my cousins were closest to, not the town from their mailing address. Big difference. Six miles, two roads and three goat paths different.

New version of Man Ball invented. Thankfully, it involves only a 5 lb. medicine ball. Not thankfully (yet) it involves a circular court and a moveable hoop for a net. The game has potential.

7/31 – Tubing on the Battenkill River. Dry year. This will no doubt be the event for which this particular reunion is remembered. Because of low rainfall and lower water levels, this tubing trip will be forever referred to as “The Daryl Drag”. Poor guy was petrified, but wanted to go sooooo bad. Who’d have figured that a 320 lb guy (that’s being conservative I think) would ride a little low in the water?

8/1 – The “Vermont Hates Me” bicycle tour. Did 1.5 miles down a dirt road to get to the main road. Biked up into town, than curled off on NY 313 and headed for Vermont. Turned off onto another dirt road and eventually biked to where we began our rafting trip the previous day. Hit another dirt road on the way back. Once back in NY, I noticed my rear end was a little squooshy. Well, ok – the bikes rear end. My own rear end is like iron. Or at least cold butter.


Flat tire.

Fix 1? Tried to just re-inflate it. Fail #1.

Fix 2? I whip out my spare tube. Unfortunately it was the wrong size tube. Fail #2.

Fix 3? My cousin gave me his tube to use. Got it installed, started to inflate it, snapped off the valve stem. Fail #3.

Fix 4? I can patch my original tube! Partially inflated it, located the leak, scuffed up the tube, got the patch out and opened the tube of cement. It was completely dried up. Fail #4. Called cousins wife for an extraction. Only 7 miles from home. Maybe Vermont just didn’t want me to leave? Paul rode home while Jen came out to get me (her car has only a single bike rack). We managed to pass him on the way home.

Enjoyed a leisurely outdoor shower (with vanity curtains) to clean off the grime of the ride. Apparently the vanity curtains don’t cover much as my aunt (only 10 years my senior) proclaims to like my butt. Hmmm.

Left cousins as reunion wound down, traveled back across Vermont & in to New Hampshire. Hung out for the night in Manchester, NH.

8/2 – Drove to Maine. Stopped in Kittery, saw Nubble Light then followed the torturous coast road into Wells & Ogunquit. Hit the beach in the afternoon.

8/3 – More hi-jinx in Ogunquit. Drive out to Kennebunkport to see what the big deal is. Didn’t really see a big deal. Lots of traffic, small roads. Dinner? Lobster. Saw some sights, got in some bike riding. Tried to get reservation for a kayak tour on Thursday or Friday. No luck, had to settle for Saturday morning. That means we’ll be heading for home at 2pm rather than 8am. Oops.

8/4 – Drive to Bar Harbor. Pretty, pretty countryside. Get to motel on the outskirts of the village. Unpack & bike into town – all of 1.5 miles to the waterfront eateries.

8/5 – Explore Bar Harbor some more. Check out the Atlantic Brewery. Get pass for the National Park. Eat more lobster.

8/6 – Drive to Acadia NP in early morning. Actually get parking spot at carriage road access point. Get in two nice bike rides around the park, total of 16 miles. Cindy is a trooper, slugs it out up & down the hills. Ended up having a picnic lunch on the shores of Eagle Lake. Unbeatable view, perfect weather, idyllic really. Spent the afternoon in the hot tub & pool, then wandered downtown for dinner.

8/7 – Kayak day! Biked into town to meet at the kayak tour shop. Spent the morning off the western shore of Mount Desert Island, the island that harbors Acadia NP, Bar Harbor and a few other villages. Saw osprey, their nest, terns, countless gulls and nearly as many harbor seals. Winds picked up to 15 – 20mph, waves were approaching 2 feet. Cindy & I trapped in a 2-person kayak. It was a blast! Cindy wasn’t into the “kayak” style of paddling, she’s more a canoe style paddler, but she did a fine job. We never lagged the pack and didn’t do to bad navigation wise. Need some work on the close quarters maneuvering, but that comes with experience. Definitely worth doing this again.

Left the truck at the hotel even though we checked out. Pedaled back to the motel, changed into dry clothes in the somewhat secluded parking lot and hit the road about 2pm. Tried to get to expressway as quickly as possible, but quick & Maine just don’t get along. Finally got to I-95 and made some time. Decided to pack it in for the night in Worcester, Mass.

Saturday night/Sunday morning I came to the conclusion that something I had for dinner Friday night was putting up a fight. Didn’t feel nauseous, but had rumbly things going on south of the stomach and had that achey, flu-like feeling. Not a great night. Got in three nice 2 hour naps total.

8/8 – Ugh. Tried to eat a bland breakfast. Cheerios, toast, single cup of coffee. Kinda ran on the buns-of-steel platform. Could hang in there for two or three hour stretches. By the time we got to Syracuse & stopped in to see Eric I wasn’t doing too bad, but really had to pass up on a lunch invite. Besides, Zach & Jill had gone out to visit with Eric & Kelly and they had plans to head up to Kelly’s parents place and take a dip in the lake. We decided to head home and get unpacked.

Made it home around 3pm. Unpacked, got laundry going, neighbor brought over the paper & mail. Got to see the fishies & feed them (they missed us!), took stock of all the things that needed to get done to get caught back up – mowing, trimming, weeding – amazing what 10 days will do.

The siege of my colon seemed to abate by late afternoon. I’m just glad all that happened when it did. I was in a good place to ride out the worst of it, and it settled down quickly enough to make travel bearable.

A grilled cheese sandwich and some doctored up tomato soup was the perfect comfort food dinner.

Work Monday was as good as anticipated. Walked in to a circuit board design that needed changing, a production process that had been down since Wednesday and was hurting for parts, a request from the research boys to tweak cpld program and a new dog & pony show pitch to start on. Then there was the email in-basket.

Why, oh why do people ever go on vacation?

I’ll sort through the 300 or so pictures I have and post the best of the best over the next few weeks. Too bad we don’t have smell-a-vision yet. The pics would mean so much more if you could smell the ocean & forest too.


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