Always tweaking something!

Busier than . . .

Day 2165

. . . a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Isn’t that how it always is before you go on an extended vacation?

Trying to prep a design review, a project proposal AND still debug/trouble-shoot issues with current product, all knowing that come 5pm Thursday I cease to give a shit for 10 glorious days.

I can’t wait.

Yesterday’s session with Janine was different. Apparently Cindy was thrilled with the discussion we had Friday night, saying that I had opened up and expressed things to her she had wanted to hear for years. Or things she never expected to hear. We stayed up talking till 4:30 Saturday morning. THAT’s why I didn’t go on that bike ride Saturday. Well, that and the fact that my overly expressive state was fueled by too many lovely, dark, chewy beers, a couple of chocolate martini’s and apparently a roofie or two, because I don’t have a clear memory of much of anything after 10pm. And I gotta wonder, what the hell did we talk about for another 6 hours?

I told Janine that I felt bad about how things came about Friday night. I certainly didn’t mean to have that much to drink and I felt that I was somewhat enabling Cindy’s own bad behavior. It should also be noted that she was keeping up with me – even encouraging me with the drinks. But. She claims to have a really good recall of everything we talked about, which leads me to believe she slipped me a mickey or three. (Kidding, mostly. But maybe she had a feeling that just one more beer might be enough to loosen the old boy up.)

So Saturday was a total loss. At Janine’s encouraging, I expressed gratitude for Friday nights talk along with a desire to revisit as many of the topics as we can cover over the next week or so. It’ll be interesting to see if we each have the same opinions on these subjects when our inhibitions aren’t artificially lowered. Of course, I’ll never know the difference.

For the family reunion coming up this weekend, I am re-building the targets for a game called “horseballs”. We have a commercially prepared set, but they have a tendency to fall apart. They are made of some type of plastic, but not the kind of plastic that is compatible with PVC cement. So? I have linear miles of 1” PVC, buckets of cleaner & cement and a shopping list for all the joints. By the end of the night, after snorting a little PVC cleaner & glue, I ought to have a set of custom made horseball racks. Wonder what that PVC glue will do to my inhibitions? Might have to warn the neighbors and have them keep their curtains closed.

Time to go polish off a little presentation.


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