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What’s News?

?Day 2158

Can someone explain to me why crap like Lindsay Lohan’s situation, Mel Gibson’s latest drunken rant, aaaaallllll those people that are famous for being famous people and most of the casts of the “reality” TV world are considered news worthy?

If that kind of crap has to be thrust upon us daily by the news industry, maybe “the industry” has gotten a little too bloated. Maybe they should cut back their staff and concentrate on news of the non-titillating-but-stuff-we-really-need-to-know variety.

Of course I suppose the rationale behind it all is that they are only producing what people want to see. So what’s the Nielsen’s rating for some schmuck show like E! versus the rating for CNN of the local news in the same time slot? It’s a sign that there’s just too much bandwidth to fill when drivel like E! or OMG or TMZ has to be offered up to fill a time slot.

Yes, I know I don’t have to watch it. I don’t. But it does come up in my on screen programming guide. I am paying for the bandwidth it takes up, whether I watch it or not. What I’d really like is some sort of a la carte channel selection where I only pay for the stuff I want to watch regularly (Discovery, ESPN, ABC NBC CBS, etc) or at least have on hand (CNN, MSNBC for example).

The dozen or so religion channels I get? Why? Be gone!
However many shopping channels? Why waste the bandwidth?

Lets go to a survival of the fittest mode. Pay for what you want to watch. Don’t pay for and don’t suffer what you don’t want. If channels don’t get enough subscribers to survive, buh-bye! – unless the 3 people that watch some lame channel want to fully subsidize it’s continued existence.

Ok. Rant over. Or, in other words, I haven’t got much else to bitch and or whine about. Except these tidbits:

Got my FIL’s 2008 taxes straightened out, I think. Now I just have to provide the IRS with a solid reason why a dementia suffering gentleman in his mid-70’s didn’t sign his electronically submitted return. I think a brief letter, along with copies of the POA, Death Certificate and Letters Testamentary (proof of executorship) ought to settle that. Then I get to tackle 2009 & 2010 taxes. Be still my heart!

Didn’t ride my bike to work Monday OR Tuesday. Monday was understandable as I had my laptop in tow. Tuesday was unforgiveable. Monday’s original weather forecast for Tuesday called for greater than 60% chance of thundershowers from 9am right through sunset. Hah! Tuesday’s forecast for Tuesday? Effin gorgeous! Screw ‘em. I’m riding my bike for the rest of the week no matter how lousy the forecast is. I need to pile up miles before the Battenkill ride. I’d like to get in 100 this week and another 100 next week.

Had a substitute instructor at spin class last night. The regular Monday night instructor (Lori) is on vacation. (Thank God!) So we got Summer instead. Summer kicks some serious ass. She’s been doing some classes for another instructor for the summer and has gained an excellent reputation. Now more people are asking for her to sub when they need one.

What makes a good instructor? Appropriate music. It dooesn’t even have to be musi everyone likes (does that even exist?), but the tempo of a song should match the tempo of the exercise you’re trying to do. For example: you can’t do sprints to a love ballad. Long, slow, powerful hill climbs shouldn’t have anything by The Miami Sound Machine accompany them. Rap, no matter how good (does that even exist?) should never, ever be used. ESPECIALLY at a YMCA. There are two instructors that don’t get this, and they both happen to teach on Monday. Lori is one and Bill is the other. Lori seems to favor the music that maybe her teenage daughters like. Bill just seems clueless about music. Neither of them can match a songs tempo to an exercise. Criminal!

The other important thing for an instructor is to actually DO the exercises. Some instructors don’t actually increase the resistance on their flywheels when they tell you to. Consequently, after asking you to crank up the resistance about 5 or 6 turns they’ll tell you to sprint when in fact it’s all you can do to keep the pedals moving. Oops. If they were DOING the exercise, they’d know where the hell they were. Or we were.

This one is a personal peeve. NO STANDING SPRINTS. I flat out refuse to do them. When riding a real bike, out in the open air and traffic, the only time I stand to ride is when climbing steep, long hills or 6 to 8 pedal strokes after starting out at an intersection. When I’m really going fast? I’m sitting. So all of Lori’s light resistance standing sprints I miss. I’ll sit & sprint no problem. But I won’t stand for standing sprints. (Hah – God I kill me!)

It does help if you don’t pick sucky music too. Anything by Lady Gaga (Gagster)? Skip it. Rusted Root? Good stuff. Snoop Dog? Down boy. Heart, Pat Benatar, Lynyrd Skynyrd? All good choices. Dolly Parton? Some of her stuff works well. Again, it’ up to the instructor to match the exercise to the tempo of the song. Hell, I only knew two of the songs Summer played last night, but her class was excellent. Anytime I can wring the sweat out of my shirt, it was a good class. (sorry for the image, but that girl is good at keeping you going)

Aaaannnyhow. That was a lot for having nothing to say, eh? Better get myself back to work.


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