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Riding, Riding

Day 2157

Sunday I finally got out and got in a decent length training ride. The ride map looked like this:

Wheatland Hills II
Find more Bike Rides in Wheatland-chili, New York

Compared to what I hope to ride in a coupe weeks with my cousin, this is a cake walk. So, to better prepare for that challenge, I am hoping to be able to drive to a lovely little town in the Finger Lakes called Canandaigua and tackle this beastie:

Canadaigua Loop
Find more Bike Rides in Canandaigua, New York

This 46 mile course packs in nearly as much climbing as what the cuz & I are planning on in this 62 mile ride:

2010 Tour of the Battenkill
Find more Bike Rides in Cambridge, New York

By the way, the notes for embedding the maps mentioned something about IE only. If you’re a bit of a rebel and use Fire Fox, like me, the maps might be all hosed up. Had to try it though. Ok. Enough pimping Map My Ride, eh?

How about them fishes? Yes, it was sad to lose the two orfe last week, but the third guy (or girl) is doing swimmingly. Plus, we have the three orfe that we bought earlier this year, not knowing that our original three managed to have puppies this spring. That created the micro-Armada of 4 teeny-tiny orfe that tend to school together. (In a school of fish, you do not need to be the fastest to survive. You only need to NOT be the slowest.) Now it seems they are big enough to be out of consideration as a tasty morsel for their bigger brethren.

Besides the orfe hatchlings this spring, it looks like 10 or 12 comet/shibunkin/koi hybrids that hatched last year are doing quite well too. That would be the mini-armada. Now that we’re in mid-summer the water is crystal clear. All these little (1” – 2” long) fish are easier to see. I really ought to sort through the dozens & dozens of pictures I have and post a few. That would be a lovely project for a quiet weekday evening. When I get one.

Attended an impromptu party Friday night. It was my youngest brothers last day with his former employer. His wife got in contact with me & Lefty and we all (brothers & their wives) gathered at a local microbrewery that specializes in German cuisine. So what did I have? Scotch Ale (originated in Scotland) and a grilled pastrami sandwich. Not a lick of German cuisine in sight. Oh, wait! I did have German Potato salad as my side. Whew! Didn’t think I could have been so harsh towards half my ancestors.

That little impromptu party exposed a weak spot though. Not sure who really owns this particular anomaly. No, wait. That’s a not true. I DO know who owns it, I DO know who needs to do something about it, and I DO know neither of those people is me. A certain blond spouse of mine has never admitted to anyone beyond our immediate family (myself, the boys and their s.o.’s) that she’s attended even one AA meeting or that she really ought to consider giving up alcohol altogether.

So Friday night was a lost cause. Had a few pops at the restaurant, went to my brother house and had a few more, then wandered home and had a dip in the tub. At midnight. Apparently clothing was optional because I STILL can’t find the belt I was wearing that night. Everything else has come through the laundry since then, but no belt. Odd. Although ow a missing belt implies nudity in the tub I can not say. I CAN tell you there was no hanky-panky happening though. Dammit

Saturday evening we did dinner & a movie. Or movie & a dinner. Saw “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. If you REALLY want to see it, wait for it on DVD. The movie production was ok, the special effects were pretty good, but the story line was tame, dull, obvious, cliché, and yes, there was even a scene scripted right out of Fantasia starring mops and out of control water. Plus, Nicholas Cage played the same character he’s played in his last umpteen movies – the “I’m so much smarter than you, you need me around just to keep you alive and maybe you can learn shit from me via osmosis” guy. (“National Treasure” or “The Rock” anyone?)

Sunday I got in that bike ride in the morning. 36.6 miles in just over 2 hours. I was disappointed by how sore my legs were afterwards. Especially my right quad. He was starting to complain after only 30 miles or so. Have spin class tonight with a very good instructor. Think I’ll take advantage and make myself do hill climbs every opportunity I get. She may look at me funny, but if she’s really curious about what I was up to, she’ll ask after class. (There are some tense {in a temporal, grammatical sense} issue with that last thought, but I gotta get to work.)

Oooh. Just got a bummer of a message. My 5th or 6th surrogate mom, a friend from Al Anon meetings, passed away this morning. I knew she was ill, but her passing comes as a bit of a shock. Have to keep an eye open for her calling hours. Everyone loved Stell in one way or another. She was a great sharer of the program.


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