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The People You Meet . . .

Day 2153

Got to ride the bike in to work Wednesday. Didn’t have to schlep the work laptop with me and I have no after work commitments that can’t tolerate me being all nasty, hot & sweaty. With any luck, this situation will persist for the remainder of the week. I even went so far as to declare a goal for the near term on my Map My Ride profile (which I might share, except that I used my surname in my MMR username and I kinda hesitate to make that freely available data here on my bitch & whine pages) {/tangent}

Where was I? Oh yeah – goal. From the end of April 2010 to the end of September, I want to try and accumulate 1000 miles on my bike. After Wednesdays ride(s) I am at 511.8 miles. That’s been achieved in roughly 2.5 months, with about 2.5 months to go, so it seems that I am safely on track.

My cousin (-in-law, via two marriages and an adoption) has invited me to partake of the Tour of the Battenkill when we visit that part of the state for the umpteenth annual Baker/Ace/Waller family reunion July 30 – Aug 1. The race itself is held in April, so we’ll just be riding the course ourselves, for the fun and the challenge. That’s a ‘quick’ 62 mile trip through the foothills of the Adirondacks, crossing a tributary of the mighty Hudson several times in the process.

Right now, I have 20 miles in my legs, no problem. In 3 weeks, I have to convince them they can do 62 hilly miles. That means a 30ish mile ride this week, maybe a 40-ish mile ride early next week, 60+ miles the weekend of the 24th & 25th and a bit of tapering down that week. That’ll go a long ways towards helping reach that 1000 mile goal.

To put that in perspective a bit, on my way in to work Wednesday morning, I crossed paths with a fellow biker I had never met before. I had been following the Erie Canal bike path, headed north towards work. This fellow was on the path just a hair south of the Lyell Ave crossing, staring at his iPhone. He flagged me down, asking for a little assistance. Most cyclists are cool people that don’t mind lending a hand and watching out for each other so to perpetuate that particular mindset, I stopped and said “Sure, whaddya need?”

He asked “How far is the canal path paved to the east?” I confidently told him that it was paved for another 13 – 14 miles, till he reached the village of Pittsford, than it switched over to crushed rock & rock dust. “So I can make it to St. Rte. 31 on the other side of the city?” Again, I could confidently tell him, sure – get off the path at the Monroe Ave crossing, that’s Rt. 31. I’d ridden the path to Pittsford twice in the past and could also warn him about getting through Genesee Valley Park (a confluence of trails makes things confusing) and to watch out for stairs at one of the canal lock parks.

The fellow thanked me for the information. He added that he started out at 4am in Lockport, NY (very near Buffalo – it was 7:30am on the west side of Rochester at the time so he’d done 65ish miles in 3.5 hours) and he was headed for Utica (another 135ish miles east – the other side of Syracuse). With any luck, he’ll be there in time to grab a shower before dinner. I sure hope whomever he’s going to see knows how to do leg massages, because he’s going to really need it after a 200 mile day.

Sad part is I’ll never know how the rest of his trip went. I should have given him my email address so he could let me know.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the lead character on NCIS, believes there are no coincidences. I may be inclined to start believing him. At our Al Anon meeting Tuesday night the secretary/treasurer brought the literature order she’d picked up from the distribution center. With the order she received a sample copy of a pamphlet titled “Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes Gays and Lesbians”.

That night, we welcomed another first timer. After hearing the new comer speak and describe the situation that brought them to Al Anon, I have no doubt that we were meant to have that copy of the pamphlet welcoming gay & lesbian persons. Weird how things work out.

In spite of my frustration & growing resentment with how things are progressing relationship wise (wanna see my list?), Janine continues to preach patience. For how long? As long as I am willing, apparently. The real challenge, and I will share this little tidbit with Annette (my very own 1 on 1 therapist) will be to find some way to channel this growing frustration & resentment in a healthy way and avoid falling into the “affection replacement therapy” trap. (That translates into calling Ms. CL and asking her how she’d feel about dinner, a movie and a few hours rolling in the sack. We always enjoyed that particular agenda, but I gotta think she’s moved on by now. Darn.)

Guess the eternal question is can I ever get that back with Cindy, with or without her truthfully addressing her drinking issues?

That’s bunch of bullshit, isn’t it? The truth is, if she keeps denying her drinking problem, the answer is no. The REAL question is how long am I willing to put up with her denial?

Not too long ago (before the hot tub was installed though), I told Cindy I feared that one I finished my duties as executor of her dad’s will and got his estate settled, she’d ask for a separation. I called her out on what I perceived to be a lack of commitment and she gave me the ‘how could you think that?’ response. Truth is, she has no idea how her behavior and attitudes effect people around her. Most times, she says she’s not even aware that her attitude IS sour. (Personally, I think that’s more denial. She effin well knows, just doesn’t like being called on it.)

Aaaaaannyhow. Estate will be settled in the next month or so. We shall see what we shall see. I do know one thing – no matter what, I am NOT leaving the house. Period.


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