Always tweaking something!


Day 2145

Went through a whole 4 day weekend without an update. Terrible!

In a nut shell, we worked our asses off. Saturday & Sunday were the coolest of the days, with temps only into the 80’s so we really packed a lot of work into them. Finally finished the trimming that was interrupted by the discovery of another yellow jacket nest. Was so fed up with how some plants were performing in the front beds (they were getting too big, in spite of trimming), I yanked them all put in plants that respond better to the hedge clippers. After all that? 61 bags of mulch. And I’m still 15 bags short.

Sunday we went to a picnic hosted by some of Cindy’s AA buddies. It’s amazing what a good time these folks have without the benefit of alcohol to loosen them up. I overheard one picnicker say something along the lines of “yeah, these are great people to have as friends and picnic with, but I wouldn’t have drank with any of them”. What an odd but revealing statement.

Didn’t ride much at all this weekend. Too damn hot. 90+ Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. The only saving grace Sunday was the breeze, but even that has lost it’s zing in the heat. Oddly enough, we’ve also had trouble keeping the hot tub under 100. Last week we turned it up to 100 once because it was a little chilly out at night and the heat felt wonderful. Now, with daytime temps in the 90’s we’d rather the tub was in the lower 90’s at most, so our bodies could bleed off a little bit of heat. Between the sun, the cover and the grossly warm air temps, the tub refused to cool down much at all. Sunday afternoon I finally struck on the idea of using an old picnic table umbrella to shade as much of the tub as possible. We also leave it open a little more in hopes of bleeding off a little heat.

I took a little dip after my meeting last night and it was actually almost refreshing. Water temp got down to 94. It at least didn’t feel hot stepping in for a change.

Also got to spend some quality time in the Town of Brighton Court. I seem to have picked up a speeding ticket while buzzing along the expressway in that lovely little town. Originally ticked for 74 in a 55. I had just FINALLY gotten around a Walmart truck after having had to follow it on the on ramp. I had no sooner gotten clear of the truck when I spotted the trooper lurking in the tall grass. He de-lurked, pursued, lit up and pulled me over. We did the little dance and in the end I thanked him for the ticket. Why do people do that?

Anyhow. Appeared in court rather than just plead guilty to the original ticket. Just for appearing, they dropped the charge to doing 60 in a 55 and failing to obey a traffic control device (the speed limit sign, I guess). I plead guilty to the reduced charge and was fined $60 + an $85 state surcharge (like we don’t already pay enough taxes). The good news is that is a $130 savings over what I would have paid had I just mailed in the ticket.

The real pisser was what I heard while I was waiting my turn. Some guy was there for a ticket for failure to wear his seat belt while driving. Yeah, it’s the law here in NY – Click it or Ticket! Anyhow, this guy shows up, pleads guilty and if fined $10 + a $45 state surcharge. Last year, when Cindy got a ticket for not wearing her seatbelt AS A PASSENGER, she was fined something like $75 + a $65 state surcharge. The lesson? Don’t mail in your tickets. Go to court. They’ll likely offer a reduced charge to plead to and it’ll save you valuable cash. Cash in your pocket is always a good thing.

I’m still operating in wait & see mode. For the weekend Cindy stocked up with a jug o’Vodka, a liter of Tequila (and a frozen strawberry margarita mix)a six pack of Guinness Extra Stout (no doubt to appease me) AND her usual jug of Canadian Whiskey. (No offense to the Canadians – this IS a cheap whiskey, not one of your better products)

In the end? The tequila & vodka saw some heavy use. I even had a tequila & grapefruit one day and a vodka & grapefruit another day. Cindy managed to nurse things along and avoided a total crash & burn. Came close to over doing it one day, but managed to pull back from the edge.

I’m a little conflicted too. I do still like the occasional beer or cocktail as a cool down or to unwind after a particularly busy day. But now that Cindy has played the ‘double standard’ card, I feel less free to do that. I’m leaning towards drinking even less, knowing full well that it may just highlight any contrasts that exist. If I back off and she ramps up, we’ll be right back where we were 3 years ago. I will just have to avoid making the same wrong moves I did back then. By that, I don’t mean ‘don’t get caught in revenge cheating’ again. I mean decide whether or not to make a break, act on that first. Maybe then take a relationship break for a while.

And find my @#%^ bike speedometer. Dammit. I had it in my hands at work this morning as I was walking in. 25:12 for 8.2 I normally put it in my helmet as I make my way into the building through the pass scanners & veg-o-matic. Now? No clue where it is. Not in my cube, not in my pack, not in my helmet. Even went out to the bike rack & checked. (Whew! Is it HOT outside!).

Oh well. No cadence or speed info for a while. I’ll just have to track raw miles for the rides I know until I can get a replacement. Dammit.


2 responses

  1. Q

    61 bags? Were you mulching the whole property, or just getting the flower beds 10 feet deep? Sheesh!

    July 8, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    • bikinfool

      Nah – I have lots gardens. Across the front, along both sides, aaaaaallll
      across the back plus all the beds around the moat (pond). I’ll get pictures
      this weekend & post ’em.

      July 9, 2010 at 8:33 am

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