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Day 2122

Oh Lordy, what a weekend! I need to be in at work for five, no make that four, days to rest up for the next one.

Rebuilt a small retaining wall at my mom’s Saturday. Tore down the old one, laid the new one in place, secured everything with rebar hammered through the wall and about 3 feet into the ground underneath. With all the cutting, lifting, scraping, shoveling, sweating, leveling and hammering going on, it was easily the hammering that exacted the highest toll. Three of us took turns beating ourselves up sledging in the rebar. Not a one of us ever got through an entire bar without giving up the hammer. I really hope that wall outlasts me. Mom’s happy though and that’s what counts.

Sunday we took the kids over to the Garden Factory and bought them their 1st Anniversary present. Zach has had his eye on a River Birch for the front corner of their house. We took a look at what Garden Factory had, found a nice one – 3 trunks, about 10’ tall. The root ball weighed about 300 – 400 lbs. Yeah – more abuse for Zach & I. We had some (a ton of it actually) help getting the tree into my SUV. Drove it the 6 or so miles to Zach & Jill’s and let gravity be our friend on the unloading job. The real abuse was in digging the hole. It needed to be about 4’ in diameter and 18” deep, all lovingly dug out of dense clay soil. Digging my pond was easier and it’s 500x the size.

But! Here’s the finished product with the two happy homeowners.

Zach & Jill with their new tree. That 80+ lb rock in the foreground? Came out of the hole we dug.

The best part is that after this, Zach came over and helped me move another dozen plants. This was a chain reaction set off by needing to have an area cleared out for the new outdoor electric meter. Had to move 2 mature red barberry bushes and eliminate a Rheingold juniper. To make room for the barberrys (and a new small dwarf Alberta spruce) we had to move 6 mature peony clumps(?). To make room for those, 2 big chunks of orange day lilies had to find new homes. But we have sandy soil. Great when you have to dig shit up, terrible when you have to keep it alive. Very, very thirsty stuff.

So. All the grunt work for the weekend was accomplished. Now for the fun. Went to see Sugarland perform at this nifty little outdoor concert venue on Canandaigua (don’t worry about pronouncing it – it’s a learned thing) Lake. The rain held off, temps weren’t horrible and the performances were great. Danny Gokey (of Am. Idol fame – who knew? I don’t watch it) was the opener, Luke Bryan followed him (I might go get an album or two of his) and Sugarland wrapped things up.

I tell you what – that Jennifer Nettles has one helluva voice! Crystal clear, and she can bang it out or go all soft & sweet. With the drums and bass and guitar army on stage, it’s really hard to tell a country music concert from a classic rock concert. The difference is more in the crowd I think. That and you can actually understand the lyrics to the country songs and the performers aren’t high, drunk, late or prima dona’s (that we could see). Al in all, a very enjoyable show.

Got up a little late this morning. Getting home at midnight may have had something to do with it. Concerts on a school night are never a good idea. But on top of that, I was having the weirdest dream. It seemed I was in a foreign country entered in some contest. The contest was not unlike Chefs vs City, where two FoodTV chefs are in a competition with two local chefs where in they have to solve a riddle to learn their destination, get there then complete some cooking or food related task in a head to head competition with the other team of chefs. When the task is done they get their next clue.

Well, that’s roughly how the show goes. In my dream, I understood I was in a competition like that, but I was never aware of actually doing any of the food related tasks. I seemed to always be having trouble in the travel portions, having to rely on mass transit, taxi’s, running, getting off at the wrong station or having the train pass my station without stopping. I also remember something about going to the other teams house and trying to negotiate a trade in tasks for the next day, but they were unwilling to trade and were being jerks about it.

I’m sure this dream took place in mere seconds of real time, but in my groggy morning state, it seemed to drag on from 5am till just after 7am. I remember thimking I had to stay asleep so I could finish the dream. Oddly enough remember waking, looking at the clock, going back to sleep and resuming the dream two or three times. Or was that part of the dream too? (Starting to sound like a Lost story arc) Most vivid dream I’ve had in a while too. Weird.

Even though I got up a little late, I still rode my bike into work. Question now is, do I ride straight home or go to the Y and get in a spin class too? I have till about the ½ way point of the ride to decide, then the respective paths differ. My path home would follow the Erie Canal south along the city limits for a couple miles before turning southwest for a couple miles for the last push home. To hit the Y, at the half way point I would have to head roughly due west for about 3.5 miles then zip south for a short stretch to get to the Y. It’ always fun playing in traffic, jockeying to get into the left turn lane of a 4 lane road. Even though I can pedal at near the speed limit, cars seem to take offense at being passed by a nut on a bike and don’t out you much slack.

Matter of fact! This morning I had two close calls with people driving vans. Both times they drifted to the right AFTER passing me, the first one just cutting me off (I was flying), the second one pinching off my path at a right turn. Since road rage on a bike is a pretty self destructive attitude, all I could really do was smile and wave (with my thumb & all four fingers fully extended) at the offenders and be glad everything happened out in front of me where I could see it & react.

Tonight’s big decision – head straight home or go to the Y? Depends on the weather when I reach the intersection of Lee Rd & Trolley Ave I think. If it’s raining – go home.


2 responses

  1. Q

    I can’t believe you got to go to that concert – cool! Luke’s gonna be here Saturday night, but I haven’t found anyone to go with me yet. You busy that night? 😉

    July 8, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    • bikinfool

      Yeah – Sugarland was a really good show. Ms. Nettles isn’t bad to have to look
      at for an hour & a half either!! Luke Bryan was good too. Good enough to make
      me want to look up & get any albums he has out.

      I’m tied up Saturday tho – going to my nephews (the twins) graduation party. If not for that, I’d be there at the show with ya!

      July 9, 2010 at 8:33 am

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