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Better link-o-rama?

Day 2116

Yah. Days with out a post and I’m going to bail out with a bunch of links and a teeny little update tidbit.

First – Rottenchester came out pretty good in a Forbes article. We happen to be the #3 Best Place to Raise a Family!!! Really!

Syracuse had this to say, the Rochester paper had this lame article, and here is the original Forbes article.

Then there’s the in the world, or at least the luckiest bicyclist in China

Here’s a wild assed attempt to embed the lucky cyclist vid: I have my doubts as to whether WP supports this, and I can’t find out until I get home tonight. If it doesn’t work and you had to witness it, let me extend my apologies.

So. Tidbit of an update.

I am being irritated by a bevy of peeves lately. Taken separately, each is mmerely an annoyance, like a mosquito bite. Taken in sum, they feel debilitating – like a hundred bee stings. Perhaps I’m being bothered by these little things more than I should be, but the fact that they are even occurring shows that what ever progress we’ve made as a couple is, well, it’s like muscle. You can exercise to build muscle. If you stop exercising, the muscle atrophies and returns to its original state.

What’s REALLY bugging me? I get harassed about unfinished projects. I will admit that the harassment is at least partially earned. But. Last week after muscling the stone (boulder) bench into form, Cindy suggested that I start re-arranging plants around the pond, foundation beds, allovertheyard, and she would edge the beds around the pond so we could mulch them later. Fine & dandy. I put in new plants, re-arranged perennials, moved hosta’s, ripped out some old fungus infected euonymus plants, built an arbor, primed new window trim, and Cindy edged. I helped edge through the thicker areas.

This past weekend, I FINISHED THE EDGING (30 or 40 linear feet of turf stripping) and put in about 2/3 of the mulch around the pond. When I went inside the house to check the time (we had a hot dinner date over at Zach & Jills), I woke Cindy up from her slumber on the couch. At 4 in the afternoon. Apparently doing 3 loads of laundry will kick your ass like that.

I don’t mind dong the edging. It’s nasty, dirty work, and we may have discussed that I’d finish off what Cindy couldn’t get to last week. I’m ok with that. What really irks me is that while I’m out there doing what she couldn’t get to last week, sweating my testicles off, she’s in napping, ‘scuse me, I mean “doing laundry”. Not sitting well.

This was Cindy’s week for date night. Know what we did? Nada. Friday night? She’s off to one of her usual AA meetings. Saturday night? After dinner at Zach & Jills, she had to head off downtown to chair a meeting at 10pm. I found out she was chairing this thing after lunch that day. She hates it when I pop stuff on her at the last minute like that. Sunday? Another evening AA meeting. Monday? After spin, ANOTHER AA meeting.

So much for putting any effort into date night.

Anybody want tickets to the Sugarland concert at the CMAC Sunday night? (Yeah, it helps if you live around here)

There’s other things that all play off of my apparent inability to finish things. Cindy’s habit of emptying the dishwasher but leaving the (Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Gladware) sitting on the counter. Leaving things (recyclables, trash bags, other things destined for disposal) by the garage door in the hopes that someone will get them where they belong.

I purposely passed up a paper shopping bag filled with discarded product wrappers that was left by the garage door Sunday. I was in the garage cutting transition molding (finishing a project!!!) and Cindy poked her head out to see what I was up to. She left the aforementioned bag on the steps in the garage. 6 steps and she could have made it to the trash cans.

So what about Cindy’s collection of little unfinished acts? Mere annoyances really. But in total, to me they scream ennui, indifference, lack of desire to really change.

Then there’s that liter bottle of Canadian whiskey she hid in the family room hutch so she could drink that and not tap into the leftovers from her dad’s memorial service. Couples session tonight is going to be so much fun.


5 responses

  1. Wow. Posting the link to the video worked while the embedding attempt failed spectacularly. So spectacular that the coding didn’t even show up. Lesson learned!

    June 8, 2010 at 2:25 pm

  2. And work let me in to a WP page?!?

    June 8, 2010 at 2:26 pm

  3. Good luck!

    June 8, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    • bikinfool

      Thanks Rox.. I’m already rehearsing my set-up for in the session. Don’t want it to feel too much like an ambush. Just need to safely communicate what I feel is a lack of commitment & effort. Seems so simple . . .


      June 8, 2010 at 2:45 pm

  4. Hi Brian-
    My name is Janera Jepson and I host the new Wednesday meme Wednesday Wickedness ( Don’t let the name throw you. We are a family oriented meme that’s similar to Linda’s Random Dozen. We base our questions each week on quotes from someone famous. This week is Frank Sinatra. Since Linda is taking time off I thought I’d invite you to play during the hiatus. We always post on Tuesdays (we’re up now!) so players can play on either day. We hope that you will join us! 🙂


    June 8, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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