Always tweaking something!

Passing through the Void

Day 2087

I haven’t written much lately because there just isn’t much to write about. Been grinding away on a problem at work that takes up more off work time than I’d like (the mind is a terrible thing).

Now that Bob’s memorial service is over there is bandwidth to think about something else. But all the something elses I want to do require being outside. I’d been watching the weather forecasts for this past weekend and knew the weather was going to be bad so I TRIED to find indoorsy things to do.

We had a wicked thunderstorm Friday night. I enjoy those enough that going to bed wasn’t really an option, I had to stay up & watch it. That led to me not getting up early enough to get to spin Saturday morning. I cracked an eye open at 7:07. Class starts at 7:15. Not gonna happen. When I should have been getting back from class, my mom stopped by. Had an errand to run with her, then had to go check out how to best re-do her retaining wall.

Saturday afternoon’s weather was so bad (55 mph winds & rain) that I bailed on any outdoor work and figured out Bob’s taxes. Yes, I filed for an extension and I’m STILL missing his SS 1099R or what ever the hell it is. I need it so I can tell the government how much tax to refund (besides just “all of it”). When you have $100K+ of health care costs, you’ve pretty much maxed out your deductions. So I need to get all his taxes back. Estate money ya know. It affects my commission.

Saturday night just flat out sucked. Cindy succumbed to the siren song of liquor bottles left over from her Dad’s memorial/wake thingy. She wasn’t falling down drunk, but I knew she’d been into a variety of stuff. Pretty sure I saw an extra-large whiskey & ginger ale (32 oz variety) and then a healthy sized Kahlua & cream (or skim actually) or White Russian. Either way, it affected her speech & gyroscopes. So I kinda went into shut down mode Saturday evening. It’ll be brought up Tuesday with Janine, I promise.

Of course, doing that will negate any possibility of finishing off what Cindy started Sunday. Let’s call it a celebration of the event that made her a mom in the first place. I’m thinking it was an attempt to buy my silence for her slip the prior evening, but cramping legs on her part forced an early end to the festivities. I thought that perhaps later in the day we’d try to pick up where we left off, but the threat of the kids stopping by put a damper on any further ‘pursuit of happiness’. I’d have felt better if they HAD stopped by, but it looks like the girls mom’s won out this year. Maybe next year everyone will wind up at our place.

I may bring that up Tuesday too. I don’t know. I’m getting older. These moments are getting fewer & farther between.

Thought I’d bring that up with Janine too, but upon further review, maybe I’ll let that dog lie. Or at least not air that particular piece of dirty laundry. I might have better luck bringing it up with Cindy tonight, tactfully and without blame. Maybe THEN we can do something about finishing the task at hand. Then Tuesday evening I can drop the “I felt so disconnected Saturday night when you were drinking” bomb.

There wasn’t a real clear path through any of that nonsense up there, was there?

Lets wrap up with this – Wednesday (the 5th) I rode my bike from home to work, then from work to the Y (both about 8.25 mile jaunts) After spin class I rode home. The evening rides I did wearing only a t-shirt & biking shorts. No sweats, no windbreaker, nothing. Temps were easily into the 70’s. Yesterday (the 9th) as I was strolling out to get the paper, I was able to scoop a handful of snow off of Cindy’s car and wing a snowball at the ash tree in the front yard. I missed the tree and nearly took my neighbors mailbox off its post instead. At least she wasn’t out there getting her paper too.

Anyhow. Only got in about 40 miles of riding last week, really hope to improve on that this week. May even sneak out of work a tad early, go home & change, then ride to the Y for spin class. That’s an easy way to tack on 8+ miles. Of course, I‘m still on the hook for cooking dinner (Chicken Chipotle Chowder), but I will have earned an extra half helping. Besides, it’s a Cooking Light recipe that is really low on calories but high on taste. A 4 oz can of chipotles may have something to do with that taste bit.

Better go get some work done before I have to hit the road . . .


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