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Day 2080 That’s Over!
Day 2081 I’d Rather be Lucky than Good
Day 2082 Correcting That Mistake

I tried to get in a couple posts via email. Apparently it didn’t work so well. Thanks for the heads up Roxie! I’m trying a text only attachment rather than a word processor version. Hope it goes better.

On to our show:

We made it through Bob’s memorial service. All the relatives arrived in one piece, partied like mad fools for about 48 hours, and returned back to their lives Sunday afternoon. The unfortunate part is that there are SO many people you want to see, but because there ARE so many people it’s impossible to get around to everyone. Sleep was easy Sunday night.

Unfortunately, it seems to have carried over into Monday evening too. After getting home from work, I changed into biking gear, got my stuff together and headed for the gym. Yes – ride a bike to spin class. Shut it – this makes perfect sense.

I take a small backpack. In it I have a light jacket, towel, bike lock, my phone in an interior pouch and my wallet. I take my wallet in case I get run over, at least I have some ID. On longer rides, it’s nice to have money on hand for Gator Ade & munchie refills.

Anyhow, I pedaled to class. Managed to do 4.22 miles in 13:45 or so. Got my bike on the rack, pulled out the lock, chained the bike to the rack & went inside. Had some administrivia to attend to, then got my ticket and headed up for class. Sorta pedaled easy for 20 minutes or so, then class started and the real work began. Wish I knew what is that makes instructors favor sprinting out of the saddle. I don’t get it. We’ll spend more time out of the saddle in one class than I’ll spend in an entire week of riding outdoors. Hill climbs included. It’s a weird thing to have to pedal while standing so much. It isn’t an efficient position.

After class I cleaned up my sweat puddle, refilled my water bottle and headed back outside. It was warm enough that I didn’t need my jacket, in spite of my sweat drenched t-shirt. Unlocked my bike, put all my bits & pieces away, strapped on my back pack & took off. Got stopped by a train on the one set of tracks I have to cross. Looks like the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town. At least they passed through last night. I’ll have to check the weekend activities listings. (No I’m not going, just curious)

When I got home, I opened my truck, triggered the garage door opener and headed inside. Once inside, I put my back pack down on the laundry bench and noticed the problem. The pocket on the back pack where I keep my wallet was open. My phone was deeper in, encased in it’s little mesh pouch, but no wallet. I had to open that pocket to get out my bike lock key – I know I saw my wallet then. My key was under it. I looked in the garage, checked the driveway – nothing.

Went upstairs, put on a dry shirt, grabbed my keys & work pass (only photo ID I had left) and started to retrace my path. Wouldn’t you know – soon as I start the truck I get a warning – only 25 miles to empty. Great. No cash, no cards, no license even! As I’m retracing my path it occurs to me that it’s tough to see something like a brown wallet from the other side of the road. Couldn’t really see into some of the potholes, and there were storm drains I couldn’t see into either. Maybe on the way back . . .

Pulled into the Y, noticed I couldn’t really see the entire exit lane because of the center planting mall. Didn’t see anything where I rode off the sidewalk (on my bike people). Grabbed a parking spot (you can get really good parking spots at 7:45pm!) and resigned myself to having to ask at the desk.

As I was strolling up the front walk, thinking about all the cards I was going to have to cancel, drivers license to replace, cash gone and pictures lost, I glanced over towards the bike rack. The bike rack is kinda brown. So is my wallet. Lying behind the bike rack, sort of between it and the building was a brown lump. Nooooo shit! Camouflaged by the bike rack, my wallet had sat there undisturbed for just over a half hour. It was lying there unfolded, face down. I picked it up & took a quick survey. Cash? Check. ATM card? Yep. License, credit cards, photos? Yes, uh-huh and absolutely!

The trip back home was way more enjoyable than my second trip to the Y that day. I normally ride with my wallet in the saddle wedge. But some rides require the use of the back pack (a camelback, but I don’t always use the bladder), so I make use of that to carry my wallet. Checking zipper security (on the back pack, bike shorts have no zipper) will now become yet another item on the pre-ride check list. Some days it’s good to be lucky.

Oh. The ride back from the Y? 0.04 mile further (200 ft – difference between left & right turns) in 14:10. But my average speed was the same. Weird. Plan on biking in to work Wednesday – Friday. Gotta get my miles up. Fast.


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